I Wanna Win.... Just help me... Today is the laaast daaaaaaaay.. :(

عهود عوايص 2011/07/20 10:36:00
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Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I need some like in order to not be catch up by the other competitors.
If you have fb accout
Just vote for Ohood
Today is the last day and I want the iphon I really want it


And plz share this question... :)
By the way the competition is about stories. I think more than 100 took part and only 16 stories were chosen and the 4 competitors who get the highest number of likes will win.
This is my story :-
This Is My Story.

My hope in 2020 is to be an extraordinary chemical engineer. Why do I
hope that ?

Being an ectraordinary person lady needs to help people greatly. I
thought how can I help people and be a hero. I know I must help myself
and help my family and friends first. This war must end, but I can't
end it. Maybe I can do that later, but how ? Then I decided to be a
smart chemical engineer and develop weapons which are stronger than
any other weapons. Great, I helped myself and my people by winning
this war, and I'm a hero in my country. But I'm not a hero in the rest
of the world. I'm just a bad person who caused killing and destroying
others' lives. What can I do ? What if I destroyed all the weapons in
the world ? Maybe that wouldn't accomplish peace completely, but at
least it would stop killing people and end the suffering that I and
most the people in the world face.

And now the hardest part, how can I destroy those weapons ? Chemistry
helped making those weapons, and chemistry will help me to destroy
those weapons. Chemistry will help me achieve peace. And who will be
more extraordinary than the peace achiever nowadays ? Maybe I will win
The Nobel Prize for Peace or maybe for Chemistry. Who knows ? Maybe I
will win both.

So, just vote for me in order to achieve peace in 2020 by giving me
the ipad to read the books that I can get only from the net, and you
will be the first people who helped achieving peace !. Finally, I want
to say that when I started to Learn English at EF Englishtown
sns.englishtown.com I became much better in English and that will help
me reading the books because they are in the English language only.


This is my story : www.this-is-my-story.com/v/X588SNKRW488
Please I wanna know your opinion. I know I'm not a good writer but I'd like to know your opinion. :)

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  • Mymi 2011/07/27 01:15:43
    Sure I'll vote for you
    but i think i´m very late !!
  • عهود عوايص Mymi 2011/07/27 07:50:13
    عهود عوايص
    Yeah, but no problem
  • ;:~*'LiViNg_DoLL'*~:; 2011/07/21 17:17:08
    Sure I'll vote for you
    not sure how all or none of the above would apply but...
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2011/07/20 21:43:12
    None of the above
    Sorry, don't do facebook.
  • Josef 2011/07/20 21:29:26
    Sure I'll vote for you
    I've voted for you
  • patrona 2011/07/20 18:53:58
    Sure I'll vote for you
    ..Go right ahead You will make it to the Deans List..!!
    It's Up to You !!..You can do it !!
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2011/07/20 18:10:26
    I'll vote and share this question....
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    i shared and am going to vote now
  • allanbard 2011/07/20 15:27:57
    Sure I'll vote for you
    Will be glad to help you! Hope you can master your writing skills in the future too ;). Hope everything will be ok with the competition at the end as well ;)! Best wishes! Good luck! Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! (a greeting of my water dragons' hunters - my 1st Tale Of the Rock Pieces). sounds ears greeting water dragons hunters 1st rock pieces

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