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OnTheEdgeOfInsanity 2009/06/06 15:48:17
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I'm wanting to get my deathbat tattoo, but I'm not sure where to put it. That's where you come in. Where do you think I should put it?

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  • addycted2syn 2009/06/30 01:18:12
    u gotta pick whats right for u its ur body decide for urself
  • Nightflyer 2009/06/29 15:20:00
    Hmm depends on what you're wanting....does it need to be in a place where you can cover it up or does that even matter to you? I like the between the shoulders idea seeing as that's where mine is going
  • synystergirl09 2009/06/24 05:25:47
    I think you should put it here...
    between your shoulders that's where i have mine
  • mid-west mandie 2009/06/14 17:01:51
    mid-west mandie
    either between ur shoulders or ankle
  • Riah 2009/06/10 15:42:46
    I think you should put it here...
    in between the shoulders on your upper back works well on both guys and girls! thats where im getting mine!! ^^
  • ►Cesar◄ 2009/06/09 16:21:32
    I think you should put it here...
    on your shoulder
  • cfamily10 2009/06/08 23:07:46
    I think you should put it here...
    between ur shoulder blades?
  • Big Mike 2009/06/08 20:25:26
    I think you should put it here...
    Big Mike
    I got mine across my calf. I wear shorts and stuff a lot so I like it there.
  • olly 2009/06/08 09:30:33
    I think you should put it here...
  • thischiiiick 2009/06/08 04:53:51
    I think you should put it here...
    i can picture it on your chest :]
  • OnTheEd... thischi... 2009/06/08 21:54:10
    my chest isn't big enough. lol
  • .: Miss Vengeance :. 2009/06/08 02:22:00
    I think you should put it here...
    .: Miss Vengeance :.
    lowe middle back or upper back.
    depends on size
  • RawrRawrNinjaCupCake<3 2009/06/07 18:16:22
    I think you should put it here...
    on your ankle ^^ ankle
  • D@wn 2009/06/07 10:19:46
    I think you should put it here...
    on your back between your shoulder blades. a tanktop will show it off, or a tshirt will cover it up.
  • Grogan is a gun 2009/06/07 06:34:06
    I think you should put it here...
    Grogan is a gun
    Back of the neck bro..
    I got a backyard tatoo on my knee that says A7X..
    I dont recomend it lol
  • Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3 2009/06/07 01:16:57
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    Personally, I'm not getting any band tattoos until I'm in my thirties. You never know, A7X may not be your favorite band in ten years, I'm not saying you're going to stop listening to their music, but I would wait a little while before committing that to skin.
  • Big Mike Suicide... 2009/06/08 20:23:42
    Big Mike
    That's why you get the DeathBat, even if they aren't your favorite band the logo still looks awesome!
  • NobodyHas-a-NameLikeMine 2009/06/07 00:58:30
    I think you should put it here...
    shoulder. :)
  • anash 2009/06/07 00:19:40
    I think you should put it here...
    arm... or leg.... oo! or on your lower back!
  • 3ttolrahC 2009/06/06 22:54:52
    Hmm, I have no idea but someone I know has it on their lower back so basically a tramp stamp and it looks sick.
    She has like their autographs tattooed on around the edge as well. She got Johnny's done first and the other guys after, they thought it was sweet.
  • OnTheEd... 3ttolrahC 2009/06/07 12:32:03 (edited)
    i would love for that to happen. that would be awesome!
  • Sid 2009/06/06 21:38:37
    don't; you might not like A7X forever
  • OnTheEd... Sid 2009/06/07 12:31:06
    that's your opinion.
  • Gradord 2009/06/06 16:51:55
    I think you should put it here...
    I like the Shoulder, that way it can be covered up if you need to, but its still a great place to put it
  • OnTheEd... Gradord 2009/06/06 17:00:00
    i'll keep that in mind.
  • drummer-boi-22 2009/06/06 16:09:05
    get it like on your wrist so if you decide your not to proud of it or something later you can cover it up with a watch your your sleeve or something
  • OnTheEd... drummer... 2009/06/06 16:58:50
    my wrists are already taken. lol
  • Steph 2009/06/06 15:53:33
    i dunno where u should get urs, personally, i wanna get a deathbat tramp stamp. that or two little ones on either side of my spine on my lower back
  • OnTheEd... Steph 2009/06/06 16:59:17
    i thought about a tramp stamp
  • Steph OnTheEd... 2009/06/06 17:18:13
    the only thing holding me back from getting it *besides the cost* is the fact my friend wants it too and is pissed that i want it. so im thinking about the two little ones
  • OnTheEd... Steph 2009/06/06 17:33:43
    oh geez. friends need to lay off.
  • Nadrasta 2009/06/06 15:51:34 (edited)
    Well how big do you want the tattoo to be?
  • OnTheEd... Nadrasta 2009/06/06 16:59:36
    not like huge, but not really small either
  • Nadrasta OnTheEd... 2009/06/06 17:02:02
    okay, hmm i guess on your shoulder would be a good place for a tattoo that size or somewhere on your back
  • OnTheEd... Nadrasta 2009/06/06 17:10:52
    ok. that's 2 for the shoulder. thank you
  • Nadrasta OnTheEd... 2009/06/06 17:32:34
    no problem, I'm happy to help

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