I just told my best friend that im a lesbian and she called me an attention seeking bitch and she has no idea how much courage that took and how upset i am from her saying that to me i am not faking it i have a girlfriend and i love her im not faking it

Janoskianator 2012/08/23 12:20:43
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  • IloveJenaya 2012/08/23 21:02:24
    wow im happy for u but how? and btw i think im lez not bi i dont have feelins for brendan anymore so how r u when i get to school if ur not hanging with kristy ill show u the pic of my puppy kristy hates me
  • Janoski... IloveJe... 2012/08/23 21:19:11
  • YourCompanionCube 2012/08/23 12:50:24
    The thing here is...If anyone asks, tell them with confidence in yourself (Not pride). But don't brag about it to people. I think your friend meant that when you tell everyone you know and try and bring it up all the time, well, you're seeking attention. Which may be true. But it doesn't matter who you are. Just remember: don't make it others' buisness.
  • YourCom... YourCom... 2012/08/23 12:51:30
    I'm happy for you, however That you are what you want to be.
  • Janoski... YourCom... 2012/08/23 12:53:53
    i didnt she was the first person i told because she is my best friend i only told 2 people
  • YourCom... Janoski... 2012/08/23 12:55:49
    Well she may not have known that, Or, she was assuming you were going to. But as a friend, she should at least Accept you.
  • Janoski... YourCom... 2012/08/23 12:57:29
    yeah she was my very best i loved her but she just went off at me
  • YourCom... Janoski... 2012/08/23 13:01:23
    She'll get over herself. Trust me. Otherwise, she's not a friend if she won't get over this.
  • Janoski... YourCom... 2012/08/23 13:05:08
    yeah i mean i cried for 5 mins thenn i thought whats the point of crying when she was never there for you
  • Wally-Molon Labe! 2012/08/23 12:44:09
    Wally-Molon Labe!
    The world is full of people who refuse to accept those that are not in the "box" of normalcy. How could your best friend not know you had a girlfriend? I would say that if I were your "best friend" and you told me you were having a relationship with someone else, that would mean I was second best friend. Sounds like she may be hurt also. We don't know the entire situation so it is hard give an opinion. Much depends on how you gave her the message. Was it a heart to heart talk or a declaration made to shock her? I would say if she is truly your friend she should come around eventually.
  • Philo-Publius 2012/08/23 12:34:32
    Good for you for being who you are! You have a lot of courage, to come out.

    Don't listen to the naysayers. They'll eventually realize you're being sincere about this, and will accept you, and I bet your friend will one day apologize.
  • Janoski... Philo-P... 2012/08/23 12:36:48
    she thinks im only lesbian because ive been hurt by guys its not true sure ive been hurt but ive always liked girls i jsut didnt know it for a while i was scared i ahvent even told my mum yet
  • JMCC 2012/08/23 12:27:51
  • Alex Jenkins 2012/08/23 12:22:57
  • Janoski... Alex Je... 2012/08/23 12:24:21
    she said that im only a lesbian because ive been hurt by guys shes had one boyfriend and she so in love with him she has no idea and ive liked girls for ages and never told anyone because of this exact point
  • Alex Je... Janoski... 2012/08/23 12:25:34

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