I hurt my mom's feelings and made her cry. What should I do?

Elizabeth 2012/06/23 02:01:28
My mom kept yelling at me and never leaving me alone telling me to do this and that and if I didn't do it I would be grounded for a hell of a time. She told my to "DO THE LAUNDRY! DO THE DISHWASHER! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!" and that kind of stuff. EVEN WHEN I WAS IN THE SHOWER!!!!! And I tell you one thing, it was
Pissing me off like shit! I slammed the door opened with my mom right in front of me and yelled at her to shut up and leave me alone and I would get to it when I can. She said you will do it now. And I told her: I AM GOING TO THE ******* bathroom for ****sake!!!!! So STFU and leave me alone!!! And I slammed the bathroom door right in her face. And I was going downstairs to get ready to do what she told me too and I saw her crying like MAD!!! I told her its ok I'm going to do the things you told me too now. And she told me no I'm doing it, you can just go up to your room and do whatever the hell you want. I said mom i'm going to do it. Then she interrupted me by screaming out while crying: NO YOU WON'T I'M DOING IT AND THAT'S FINAL!!!!!! GO UPSTAIRS AND TRUST ME! I'LL SATY OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!!!! I was too afraid to apologize then because she'd probably slap the piss out of me, so I did what I was told and went upstairs, the next morning (which was today) I said good morning to my mom and she totally blocked me out of her head. She was ignoring me! And she's still giving me the silent treatment while I'm posting this right now!!!!! And then I just remembered how sensitive she was and how easy it was to hurt her feelings, then It started to hit me, I started to feel EXTREMELY regretful and depressed all day and even now, and no matter how much I apologize, she blocks me out!!! Please help me! I don't want to deal with this silent treatment much longer, it's killing me. I want to know how to make my mom happy again. I'm so confused!!!!!!!! :'( HELP!!!!!!
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  • Esmeralda 2014/07/06 17:40:56
    that happened to me to.... she is still mad... and i also need help
  • Alessandra 2014/04/26 21:05:07
    Hey I know how you feel I got into a fight with my mom too .well what happed is that earlier this morning she told me to clean my so i started to clean my room then all of a sudden she started throwing things on the floor and then we had a big fight and I called her a daemon and then we went to the movies and while we there we saw Son of God and you know how they crossify Jesus on the way home she started talking about that since she was a deamon she should go down instead of up and were home now she went into her room closed the door and went to sleep and now she hasn't talk to me ever since she went in and now I'm writing I don't know what to so please help I'm in grave danger of losing her
  • Ibbukaran 2013/08/13 01:45:19
    This one time I was telling my friends that mom is sort of hypocritical because my friend brought a discussion about his wife. My 9 year old brother heard about this and told my mother about this. Now my mom hates. She starts crying and I feel hopeless. I don't hate her at all and still doesn't listen. I feel upset for judging her like that.
  • ahlexus... Ibbukaran 2014/02/02 19:42:45
    ahlexuss petty
    Just apologize and dont do it again tell her how much you love and appreciate her but let her cool off
  • alyssa vitela 2013/05/28 02:58:22
    alyssa vitela
    its ok i know how you feel my mom and dad did the samething to me but it went on for a month, but it went away and you r doing a goodthing by saying your sorry but give her a couple days to cool off and stuff and before you know it you guys would be talking again so ya just say your sorry and promise you wont do it again
  • joe osborn alyssa ... 2013/08/07 22:26:50
    joe osborn
    Hey, it's ok. I did the same thing tooday. Er... I didn't swear at her though cos that would have made it worse.
    Do something to make up for it though.
  • Charmedtears♥ 2012/06/23 02:17:23 (edited)
    No offence hunny, at the start you sounded kind of bratty especially if you wrote blah, blah, blah. I see no remorse within your writing.

    Don't be sorry just because your mum started crying, be sorry because your truly sorry chances is that she is just mad because no one was willing to help her out. I doubt she would hit you at all. If you felt bad then you should of said sorry straight away not leave it till the next day.

    Every house hold is different, sometimes as teen's we're given more jobs than other people our age but that's what you do for family you can't expect everything handed to you on a platter. You have to chip in and if your mum is working you like crazy ask her if she could go a little more easier on you.
  • Elizabeth Charmed... 2012/06/23 02:26:53
    About the saying sorry thing, my mom was threatening me with the belt if I didn't leave her alone and go upstairs, so I was too afraid to tell her because she wouldn't let me.
  • Charmed... Elizabeth 2012/06/23 02:32:44
    Threatening is her wrong doing and when she calms down I think you should confront her about that too it isn't right to make their child fear them and make them feel in danger. No matter how angry she is with you she is suppose to be the on looking after you.
  • Elizabeth Charmed... 2012/06/23 02:40:35
    But the bad news is, when you get her mad, she won't get unmad to 4-5 days later, even though she can be the most sweetest person in the world and never stops smiling (not to mention really sensitive and get her feeling hurt real easily) she doesn't forgive that easily after you make cry like I did. Damn she crying so loud the whole neighborhood probably heard her, she was doing it for...damn...probably more than 2 hours. It's really hard to knock sense into her, really hard, she more likely has to open up to me when she wants to, which might take a while.
  • Charmed... Elizabeth 2012/06/23 02:46:51
    If she get's mad for so long periods of time It's pretty confusing how you say she's the sweetest person in the world 'constantly' smiling it doesn't make sense the way your describing her. Also saying she threaten you with a belt is not what a sweet person would do.

    The words you us such as 'knock' and 'damn' doesn't sound like your very sorry that she's crying and it sound's like you more bothered by it than upset.
    But that's only how it comes across by words I don't no everything about your situation but I hope things resolve for you and you mum.
  • Elizabeth Charmed... 2012/06/23 03:06:41
    I meant once she gets angry her whole personality changes. I meant she CAN be the sweetest person in the world, not always. But she does tend to smile a lot. But I use damn a lot so yea. I mean I am really sorry for what I did, I REALLY am. But to be honest with you, she is overreacting a little like seriously. My fav is: (tommorrow is a brand new day, let it be a happy one) or (keep moving forward) I mean, I love her to death ok. But she needs to open up to me at least say "HELLO"
  • Charmed... Elizabeth 2012/06/23 03:13:26
    Well that might be you quote of the day but most people in this very big world don't simply forgive and forget as you do. Remember that you can't expect everyone to follow your words. Everyone reacts differently.
  • Elizabeth Charmed... 2012/06/23 10:00:47
    I know.
  • Yuffie ♫ K-POP Dance Guru 2012/06/23 02:09:17
  • Elizabeth Yuffie ... 2012/06/23 02:12:13
    I wonder what would happen if I did that. Would she shove me off? Or hug me back? Hmmmm, I don't know..... I'll probably try it, but not out of the blue.
  • Scott 2012/06/23 02:05:12
    Film it, put it on the internet, then set up a site accepting donations to send her on a vacation. You'll be millionaires in no time.
  • Elizabeth Scott 2012/06/23 02:07:34
    I am 14, and omg, I'M NOT FILMING SOMETHING PERSONAL LIKE THAT!!!!!! I'm not about to become a celebrity over that. My mom would be pissed with me if she found out I did that. I know her.

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