I dont understand anyone's problems with gays/lesbians? They're people too and deserved to be treated like it -.-

lol xD 2012/11/19 12:55:03
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  • Mike 2013/02/10 19:03:55
    Well, gay men are frequently perceived of as a "threat".
    Much less so for lesbians, which is why they generally do not suffer from hate crimes.
  • Dickens 2012/11/19 21:09:07
    ..Americans love to hate..
  • Dickens 2012/11/19 21:08:44
    ..Americans love to hate..
  • albert 2012/11/19 18:12:51
    I don t either.
  • JustMe 2012/11/19 18:08:43
    I agree, some people are just ignorant. A huge part of it is the religious indoctrination that has been forced on so many
  • Rustie 2012/11/19 17:31:12
    I do treat them like they're people.
    People that can't shut up about their sexual preferences for more than 5 minutes and feel that repeatedly telling me about their sexual preferences is going to somehow make me like them better.
  • Cat 2012/11/19 16:00:43
    Exactly! Treated like everybody else not something special.

    Ever been to a straight pride day parade?
  • robert Cat 2012/11/19 16:03:07
    Great point!
  • Richard M. Nixon 2012/11/19 13:49:59
    Richard M. Nixon
    Many folks can't feel good about themselves without putting others down. The choices are varied and many: Homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, etc. Not tolerating bigots is a good way to help change the planet for the better.

    feel choices varied homosexuals jews muslims tolerating bigots change planet

    feel choices varied homosexuals jews muslims tolerating bigots change planet
  • Mike Richard... 2013/02/10 02:40:24
    and he certainly was one, with his f*ck buddy, "Bebe" Rebozo!
  • Richard... Mike 2013/02/10 14:41:41
  • Mike Richard... 2013/02/10 19:01:58
    No, it's true from one of the more recent accounts I've read of RMN's life. Also in bed with the Mob, apparently
  • Richard... Mike 2013/02/11 13:54:20
    Richard M. Nixon
    I was forced to resign because I wouldn't follow the "rules" set by big business. The mob had nothing to do with it. Jack Kennedy refused to listen and look what happened to him! Don't believe everything you read. For an idea of what goes on behind the scenes in US government take one part "24" and 2 parts "West Wing". Combine gently and bake slowly.

    stirring batter
  • Mike Mike 2013/02/11 16:04:51
    Seen Jimmy Hoffa lately?
  • Icarus 2012/11/19 13:11:00
  • HeroesFan313 2012/11/19 13:04:12
    I don't understand either. It's sad, it really is
  • Osk 2012/11/19 13:02:10
    Because some people are naive and need to find something to pick on people because those they have 'no' lives
  • Xerxes 2012/11/19 12:56:58
    Fear + ignorance = hatred

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