How would you describe the perfect life?

AmyKane 2010/01/17 00:17:02
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  • Crystal Chan Deliers 2010/01/17 00:21:16
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    someone to hug good night
    enough money to have your NEEDS met
    warm place to sleep, food to eat, clean clothes to wear
    and the love of God

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  • lilsischika 2010/01/24 03:18:25
    no hurt
  • STEFKA lilsisc... 2010/02/02 09:52:05
    no pain therefore Death is inevitable
  • lilsisc... STEFKA 2010/02/03 20:27:26
    and thats soo okay with my tho :)
  • STEFKA lilsisc... 2010/02/04 00:46:56
    well u shouldn't be afraid of death
  • lilsisc... STEFKA 2010/02/06 04:12:15
    no im not i just dont want the pain of it
  • STEFKA lilsisc... 2010/02/06 04:41:03
    alas that is life
  • lilsisc... STEFKA 2010/02/07 18:35:13
    well fine... i was just saying it would be nice without pain in my life :)
  • STEFKA lilsisc... 2010/02/08 14:29:07
    unfortunatley the pain lets us know we are alive it how you convert that pain to deall with it and somehow overcome the adversity that stipened u with that pain that u endured to learn and become wise
  • mezime aka' zae baby' la be... 2010/01/23 22:18:05
    mezime aka' zae baby' la bella morte
    you know some people wish for peace as a quiet life but even that would get boring so a little trouble is good sometimes
  • steve_lax_man 2010/01/20 14:35:34
    a house on the shore...
  • ~Reinette~BadWolf~Destiel Fan~ 2010/01/20 01:08:26
    ~Reinette~BadWolf~Destiel Fan~
    well my perfect life would be traveling with the one i love and encountering dangers every once in a while.....................you probaly think i am crazy
  • hey dude 2010/01/20 00:37:35
    hey dude
    that i would hav all ma frends nd famly 2gether no recession no crime food.
  • *DAY DREAMER 4 EVER* 2010/01/19 17:20:40
    i perfect life for me would find that person that belongs with you forever that respects you and that your happy. that u have money . ANd that u love your kids
  • wombat 2010/01/19 15:06:49
    If things just flush w/o problems
  • comptech - Quit whining please 2010/01/18 18:27:49
    comptech - Quit whining please

    To live without any burdens or expectations from society or government, to awake every morning with all of your needs met and the whole day to yourself or to spend with friends and family.
  • Zainab 2010/01/18 17:58:52
    with no wars...
  • ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pl... 2010/01/18 04:24:37
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    There's no pain, starvation, violence, racism, or trouble. you have more than enough money and the love of the life is right beside you.
  • **French Kiss** 2010/01/18 01:28:48
    **French Kiss**
    no tears
  • Mi-Mi~SB~SweetestBitchEverRWAC 2010/01/17 23:19:52 (edited)
    No problems in the world everything is perfect you have everything you want and need.
  • Teddy 2010/01/17 19:18:45
    Waking up and knowing that the world isn't going crazy.
    Knowing where you are going and how you need to get there.
    Feeling good about waking up.
    Being loved and loving.
  • ColorMeRaven 2010/01/17 19:12:26
    Waking up knowing that my family is not in turmoil
    My little brothers are happy
    My big brothers too
    To see my dads face in the morning not my moms
    to see smiles on their faces knowing that everything is okay
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/01/17 18:33:57
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Having a career I enjoy, being married to Carys, having a nice home, friends, and being on good terms with family members... oh wait, that IS my life...
  • Red 2010/01/17 12:02:01
    Hakuna matata
    hakuna matata
  • Mallory Red 2010/01/17 14:45:47
  • Red Mallory 2010/01/17 15:46:05 (edited)
    Yups. =)
  • calypso 2010/01/17 10:29:00
    always knowing dat theres someone u love who'll get u back on ur own feet whenever u fall~
  • sky blue pink - American 2010/01/17 10:08:47
    sky blue pink - American
    Being free from pain.
    Blessed Be
  • dw<3 2010/01/17 09:26:47
    hmm for me it would be a happy loving family and a wonderful soulmate to share a long life with and a job that makes you happy and lets you get by comfortably:)
  • BURNT OUT! 2010/01/17 06:47:10
    the way the uni-bomber lived except for his blowing people up gig.
  • Christy 2010/01/17 06:45:35
    a Perfect life would be a life that isnt perfect. A man to be with who doesnt agree with everything. A career where i am happy but have something to deal with so there is a little excitement. No routines but something that has meaning.I mean if everyone was happy all the time it would get annoying and too happy. Feelings are good, so something that is not perfect. In my mind it makes sense.
  • FencerCat 2010/01/17 05:52:00
    Well, first of all, I'd have to be a guy... anything after that would be pretty good... Being an employed, successful actor would make it perfect, I think.
  • mark 1 2010/01/17 04:36:34
    mark 1
    Being happy with what you have and anything else is a gift from God
  • Princess Steph 2010/01/17 03:24:45
    Princess Steph
    a perfect life would be
    -NO HATE
    -NO PAIN
    BUT ESPECIALLY LOVE life hate -love pain suffering love
  • VTRedneck4Life 2010/01/17 02:39:19
  • Cass 2010/01/17 02:05:39
    Meeting the father of my children, who wants the same things I do...
    Family, a home in Ireland, a good Christian life, adventures, work, and who does everything with a smile:D

    That would be my perfect life.

    children family home ireland christian life adventures work smiled life children family home ireland christian life adventures work smiled life
  • Weirdal... Cass 2010/02/05 01:48:19
    You really want to move to Ireland? I thought you were kidding.
  • Cass Weirdal... 2010/02/05 19:55:10
    Nope! I never kid about Irealnd!!! Or my Irish babies,, lol! nope kid irealnd irish babies lol
  • Weirdal... Cass 2010/02/05 22:08:06
    LOL. How about we live in Canada and when your about to give birth we go to Ireland so they'll be Irish?
  • Cass Weirdal... 2010/03/01 16:37:32
    That works, as long as their hair is red :D
  • Weirdal... Cass 2010/03/01 23:40:44
    No way.

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