How well "endowed" is your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Deactivated 2011/04/06 00:29:56
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How well "endowed" is your boyfriend or girlfriend? This question is much more fun for a party of girlfriends, because with guys it is not quite as obvious which boyfriend is "well-endowed," and which isn't. On the other hand, guys will always know which girlfriend is better endowed than others. When girls get together and one of them is asked this very sensitive question, the answer you receive can sometimes be quite surprising!

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  • Euvonea 2013/01/13 13:48:49
    Let's just say I'm happy with it
  • Dirty red 2011/04/18 16:37:21
    Dirty red
    Don't care to comment on what is mine. But trust & believe I am truly happy with my merch
  • rosesvengeance BN-0 2011/04/07 07:54:03
    rosesvengeance BN-0
    Well my hubby is 8 inches long with a nice girth(can't remember the exact width it's like 1,or 1 and a half inches wide). We measured him once lol.
  • Jerry 2011/04/06 19:01:10
    ........... my former spouse, yeah, She was.........
  • fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust" 2011/04/06 16:32:49
  • ♠Jen♠ BN - 0 2011/04/06 09:38:02
    ♠Jen♠ BN - 0
    Way more than a handful.
  • mrdog 2011/04/06 06:39:01
    This is a stupid question ... reveals little knowledge about dogs...

  • Nuke 2011/04/06 06:30:01
    Gentlemen never brag but lets just say I like what she has and I would still love her if she had less. lol
  • Sacred Flame 2011/04/06 04:13:21
    Sacred Flame
    What's a well endowed girlfriend?
    I don't understand that...I get the well endowed boyfriend situation though
  • Nuke Sacred ... 2011/04/06 06:30:45
    in other words How big are her breasts...
  • Sacred ... Nuke 2011/04/07 01:04:32
    Sacred Flame
    Seriously? Thats what applies to girls?
    Got to be kidding me.Oh well. Thank You for answering.
  • Nuke Sacred ... 2011/04/07 01:10:47
    No problem, glad I could clear it up.
  • zack 2011/04/06 03:57:19
    he's a good 8 inches
  • Juliet 2011/04/06 03:16:40
    um.... what is a well "endowed" girlfriend?
    here is a pic i looked up, its what i think of when i hear well endowed girl friend. i have whited anything out that could cause offence

    girlfriend pic looked hear endowed girl friend whited offence
  • Nuke Juliet 2011/04/06 06:31:42
    Well endowed means how big are her breasts...
  • Juliet Nuke 2011/04/06 06:36:23
    i have never heard anyone use the word endowed about their gf... LOL but ty for the clear up
  • Nuke Juliet 2011/04/06 06:38:27
    No problem, glad I could clear it up for you.
  • The polite zombie 2011/04/06 00:58:10 (edited)
    The polite zombie
    I've never had a well "endowed" girlfriend. Not that I minded of course.

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