How was 2012?

Ayushee 2012/12/29 10:29:14
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Not so good
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For me, it was not so good.
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  • The River Rat 2013/01/02 12:41:24
    Not so good
    The River Rat
    Not so good but could have been a lot worse.
  • Marc m 2013/01/01 22:24:21
    Marc m
    It's what I make
  • Farnsworth 2013/01/01 18:03:22
    I'm still alive, so thats good enough for me.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2013/01/01 17:28:23
    Not so good
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Not great. I had a good 2011, i guess maybe my expectations for this year were too high. Was almost great, I thought I was finally going to get to know this beauty that lives down the road from me, but it just kinda puttered. Her smile the first time I waved at her is the BEST thing to have happened to me in years, but that was the only good thing about 2012. Summer really sucked for me!
  • lady blue 2013/01/01 11:52:34
    Not so good
    lady blue
    I am grateful for every year but definitely 2012 could have been better.
    I fell sick in January throughout March with kidney stones and had surgery to remove the stones and then another surgery a week later because of complications from the first surgery. The year started off on a bad foot healthwise and then as if that wasn't enough
    I got involved with someone whose idea of a relationship was head games and an emotional roller coaster ride. It was a challenging year to say the least.
  • JEFF 2013/01/01 04:31:16
    BETTER THAN 2000-2008
  • s2k 2012/12/31 16:43:29
    Not so good
    Pretty tough
  • KeithL 2012/12/31 15:19:32
  • baxter 2012/12/31 11:46:13
    Not so good
    Sad time 4 me
  • Tennessee3501 2012/12/31 01:40:14
    I am still alive and heathy and for that I am gratefui. However, I have had better years. I hope 2013 will be better than 2012!
  • hasher 2012/12/30 14:53:03
    Not so good
    house go foreclosed on so not so good for us although we moved into the city and we are a lot closer to work and stuff so we will be saving a lotof gas money and our rent is cheap. so its good for us too in many ways especially financially.
  • Crime Time 2012/12/30 12:28:20
  • gizzibag 2012/12/30 03:43:14
    cant complains
  • zebsmom 2012/12/30 03:21:48
    Not so good
    The last this is the 5th year in a row that seriously sucked.
  • musiclover92 2012/12/30 00:48:15
    Not so good
    I wasn't doing good in school & my medical problem got worse
  • roxie 2012/12/29 22:38:04
    Not so good
    Except for 1 Shining Moment! 1 shining
  • cyberne... roxie 2012/12/30 00:47:37
    I was about to say the same thing but fine ... I Just going to agree with you! /*
  • hasher roxie 2012/12/30 14:55:51
    that was the worse moment!!! and you just wait until next year when your taxes are going up and there will be job loss of 207,000 jobs because obama want toraise taxes on the rich. and for what practical purpose. if he would cut spending we would all be better off
  • Jdogg 2012/12/29 22:21:34
    I'm glad to see it soon be gone.
  • viola 2012/12/29 19:52:59
    had it's ups and downs
  • Maj. C. D. Hardy 2012/12/29 19:04:05
    Maj. C. D. Hardy
    had its highs and lows
  • Elegant 2012/12/29 18:57:57
    It had it's ups and downs... but most of it was completely HORRIBLE... I honestly hope 2013 is going to be a TRILLION times better than what I had to put up with in 2012
  • santa6642 2012/12/29 18:55:36
    Not so good
    Broke most of the year.
  • jcadla 2012/12/29 18:28:06
    Not so good
    It was very disappointing,-mainly because of Barack Obama and having to realize there are so many people who will actually support a man like him. And seeing so much stupidity, mostly blacks attacking white people for no reason and, for the most part, getting away with it. For me, a completely Patriotic American and supporter of our freedoms, our way of life and our wonderful Constitution, to see this nation degrading so is a heart wrenching experience,-an unforgivable crime...and it is being allowed to continue.
    It makes me want, more than ever, to join my wife in Heaven. But, being a Christian, I have to wait until I am called.
    Soda Head has been a new and mostly pleasant experience for me this year. And my posting on You Tube for my friends has been pleasant. At 76 years of age and in excellent health and financially secure (as much as I can be with SS and my HMO) I expect to live another twenty or so years. And my entertaining of senior citizens with song and stories is a ray of light for me. I enjoy doing it and they appreciate my efforts. I can only hope 2013, by the grace of God, will see the demise of the traitor, Barack Obama and his filthy cohorts. Until then, we just keep on keeping on.
  • Bob Anderson 2012/12/29 17:26:33
  • jcadla Bob And... 2012/12/29 18:28:37
    Sorry about your brother...
  • Bob And... jcadla 2013/01/01 04:45:28
  • zebsmom Bob And... 2012/12/29 18:51:45
    I'm so sorry for your loss
  • Tenness... Bob And... 2012/12/31 01:42:11
    May your brother rest in peace! So sorry for your loss!
  • AdWhois 2012/12/29 16:35:09
    Not so good
    Full of disappointments...
  • |FOS Andy Sixx| 2012/12/29 16:34:51
    |FOS Andy Sixx|
    It's still 2012
  • Muver 2012/12/29 16:30:45
    Pretty good considering we have been screwed by fellow Americans in November...and continue to be stuck with a Muslim Hitler who will finish off this country in another four years if possible....
  • DoxieDad 2012/12/29 15:50:18
    Not so good
    Another pay cut and another tightening of the home front economic belt. So how the electric company and the grocery store did not feel compelled to take into account my shrinking income.
  • wildcat 2012/12/29 15:44:30
    I've had a great 2012 and you know what, I expect 2013 to even be better. Happy New Year 2013
  • Aloria wildcat 2012/12/29 16:48:34
    Got handouts?!
  • wildcat Aloria 2012/12/29 19:12:44
    What are you talking about? I have a great job, I am a para at our local middle school and I coach football and basketball there too. You must be a real downer, I must say I feel very sorry for you.
  • Stix wildcat 2012/12/29 21:38:00
    Ah, union member...the elite class. Obie will look out for you because you are likly to vote for him.
  • wildcat Stix 2012/12/30 01:05:52
    I don't belong to any union. There is no teachers union in Brownbackistan. A para is not hardly a member of the elite class. I had a great year in 2012 because farm prices were up and oil prices were good. I am also a farmer/rancher and we have oil wells on our property. In other words, I am diversified. Not dependent upon one segment of the economy.
  • Ur4Dinner 2012/12/29 15:41:42
    Not so tough but a little rough yet quite fine most the time.
  • Chris 2012/12/29 15:19:50
    This world is falling apart.

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