How to tell if you're a true nudist.

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Below is a list of ten questions to determine if you're a true nudist.

1) At a young age, you ALWAYS ripped your clothes off and ran around nude.
2) Your window is open on a hot day and people see you nude... you don't care!
3) You don't wear a shower cap to the shower.
4) You think skinny dipping is the ultimate greatest feeling in the world, apart from sex.
5) A new family moved in next door and they're nudists... you only wear a robe while going to their house for dinner.

6) You're skinny dipping alone and people wanna join you... you say yes.
7) You don't usually wear underpants with sweats.
8) You can't stand to sleep with any kind of clothing on!
9) When you're naked, you're usually happy.
10) Going to a nude beach is your favorite place to go, or if you've never been, you would like to visit one more than any place in the world!

I scored a 10/10! I'm true nudist material! How about you? Take the test to find out how nudist you are. Have fun!

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