How often do u masterbate?

<3 Twitchy <3 2011/01/11 18:58:29
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  • fingers 2014/07/31 03:03:56
    depends I guess!!
  • larry 2013/05/16 19:27:12
    I have masterbated, I do not masterbate very often. But....do not see anything wrong with masterbation.
  • mike.r.john2 2012/03/09 15:13:28
    i only do it when i'm on cam and someone watching me (female), such a huge turn on
  • lolzforthefall 2011/05/15 16:53:21
    A few times a week ;)
  • INOFOOL 2011/02/15 01:37:08
    every chance i get actually
  • ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя ĜΦĐ 2011/01/11 23:07:54
    ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя ĜΦĐ
    hahaa!! what a question xD is there anyone that have enswered a realistique enswer ?? lol it always depend on my mood lol sometime it could be 5 or 7 time a day lol or sometime i dont masturbate in a week or a mounth... xD
  • Slamdtruck 2011/01/11 22:17:57
    you are 15 and going to ask a question like this? where the hell are your parents?
  • Деян 2011/01/11 21:33:48
  • *b-e-a-utiful*<3 2011/01/11 21:01:33
    well that is a personal question...i would have to say 2x a day and more whenever needed
  • Xxsummer<3 2011/01/11 20:45:55
    about 76.233749 million times a day :D
    woww... that would like be impossible :P
  • leahboo! 2011/01/11 19:39:18
    I'm not tellling;)
  • MaRiEL*LoVeS*cUpCaKeS 2011/01/11 19:35:20
    I don't :)
  • Michael 2011/01/11 19:34:51
    Not at all. Masturbation is considered a sin and can become an addictive habit. I recommend that you stop doing so.
  • <3 Twit... Michael 2011/01/11 19:36:05
    <3 Twitchy <3
  • Michael <3 Twit... 2011/01/11 20:18:29
    Don't you laugh at me. I'm being serious.
  • Robbb Michael 2011/01/13 02:37:44
    That's what the laughter is about
  • Ty ~ PHAET Michael 2011/01/11 22:09:49
    Ty ~ PHAET
    Sin is fun.
  • Michael Ty ~ PHAET 2011/01/18 17:39:28
    There are plenty of virtuous things that are fun, indeed even funner than some "fun" sins.
  • Robbb Michael 2011/01/13 02:37:03
    Where did you get that info from? It is a healthy thing to do especially when you are younger. as for addictive how can you come to that conclusion. I mean breathing is addictive. and eating good food.
  • Michael Robbb 2011/01/18 17:38:57
    Breathing and eating are necessary for living. Self abuse is not.
  • Robbb Michael 2011/01/18 20:32:18
    Show me how masturbation is self abuse and I promise I will stop.
  • Michael Robbb 2011/01/19 19:25:35
    It can become addicting. And studies have shown that it could wreck relationships with people's spouses, it can lead to a lack of intimacy with one's spouse.
  • Robbb Michael 2011/01/19 20:09:51
    The only thing that ever made me masturbate was if I didn't feel I was getting enough. Leaving me in the situation where I either really annoy my wife masturbate, or find sex with some one else. Masturbation seemed like a harmless and moderately enjoyable way out. You see I have never been taught to be ashamed about my sexual urges and feelings. Perhaps you could site these study's into masturbation, by whom and by what method they were done so that I may check out what you are talking about.
  • Michael Robbb 2011/01/19 20:25:48
    That I don't know off the top of my head. However, some time without any sexual activity would probably be good for you.
  • Robbb Michael 2011/01/20 11:12:41
    That was the answer I expected. By the way would you explain to me why no sexual activity either real or simulated so to speak would be good for me. or anyone male or female for that matter.
  • Michael Robbb 2011/01/21 00:37:37
    I didn't say no sexual activity. Certainly you and your wife should, from time to time.

    But constant sexual activity (including masturbation) is too much. Sometimes a better not to engage in certain things for a while.
  • Robbb Michael 2011/01/21 07:07:22
    I do lots of things besides masturbate, I paint, read, I spend a fair bit of time on the web engaged in different (non sexual activity's) I also manufacture and design pollution control equipment so its not like my life is totally dedicated to Mrs Palmer. So advice me Just how often should I have sex and how often should I masturbate and still be able to lead a happy healthy life. Perhaps you could tell me which wife I should have sex with.
  • Michael Robbb 2011/01/22 22:44:58
    You should not masturbate at all. And how often you and your wife conjugate your marriage should be determined by the two of you.
  • Robbb Michael 2011/01/23 19:43:56
    we seem to be going around in circles. I would still like to know why I should not masturbate.
  • Michael Robbb 2011/01/24 20:56:14
    Because it is sinful.
  • Robbb Michael 2011/01/25 21:30:55
    would you site (chapter and verse)the reasons that you have for thinking that it is sinfull. after all nothing is done here that would not have happened anyway in the case of males, the production of sperm goes on constantly throughout a males life and whatever he doesnt ejaculate into a woman is either spontaneously ejaculated, this happens especialy in young males or is simply reabsorbed into the body. There seems to e no sugestion that there is any regulation regarding masturbation in women as far as I can see. But then there are a significant number of people that see dancing and smiling too much as sinfull as well.
  • Billyk75 2011/01/11 19:28:19
    Since I have aged more hardly ever.
  • *missouri cupcake* 2011/01/11 19:25:44
    *missouri cupcake*
    lol all the time haha
  • Tadeu 2011/01/11 19:25:11
    Serious a friend said he did it 7 times in a day! Come on no way thats impossible. I wont explain why but lets say theses 7 times werent officials because he didnt consider them with the ''official rules'' haha
  • ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя... Tadeu 2011/01/11 23:05:24
    ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя ĜΦĐ
    lol how come you got rules for it !? xD
  • Tadeu ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя... 2011/01/12 20:38:47
    Hahaha ok now Im speechless lol
  • ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя... Tadeu 2011/01/12 21:06:20
    ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя ĜΦĐ
    was just kiding xD
  • Tadeu ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя... 2011/01/12 21:09:21
    Nahh dont worry I wasnt serious at all xD
  • Lullaby_Munchkin93 2011/01/11 19:19:46
    i used to all the time...literally,, but i dont do i any more
  • Tadeu 2011/01/11 19:11:56
    Let me see... during a day while Im brushing the teeth, 5 minutes later when im in the elevator, then while Im driving. Yeahhh not that much... lol

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