How much was gasoline when you started driving?

mustangluver 2012/06/09 19:17:42
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I started driving in 69 when i was 22 and gas was 35 cents a gal..LOL..YIKES!!!
In 5/9/68, i turned 21..here is the cost of living..
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  • beach bum 2012/06/14 12:44:29
  • Suni 2012/06/13 13:36:47
    I think it was around .65 a gallon...i had a ford mustang and could fill the tank for 10 bucks!! now, those were the days!!
  • Tom 2012/06/13 03:31:07
    .75 Cents
  • Jim in SC 2012/06/12 21:22:39
    Jim in SC
    It seems like it was about 65 or 70 cents a gallon. I don't remember for sure.
  • The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk 2012/06/12 21:20:19
    The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk
    I started driving in 1995, and gas was under $1.20. I remember thinking $1.50 was insanely high.
  • Charles E 2012/06/11 06:59:23
    Charles E
    They still had "gas wars" with extremely low prices. My lowest was 19.9 cents, less than half of todays gas tax.
  • Raven♥ 2012/06/11 06:01:30
    About $3.75. Yeah I started driving in the 21st century. Terrible economy >.>
  • mustang... Raven♥ 2012/06/11 16:01:22
    My condolences..LOL
  • Helmholtz 2012/06/11 05:14:38
    89 cents
  • ruru 2012/06/11 03:37:35
    25 cents a gallon.
  • Denny 2012/06/11 03:36:35
    Let's say I can remember getting a dollars worth and getting some.
  • mustang... Denny 2012/06/11 03:59:01
    Yes, one was able to do a week with a tank..and more depending how far the person had to go.
  • Me 2012/06/11 03:33:59
    ohh wow......89 cents a gallon
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2012/06/11 03:29:20
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    Boy do I remember that.
  • Andy Fletcher 2012/06/11 00:14:19
    Andy Fletcher
    In 1969 my family owned a service station in Seattle and for many months had the lowest price gas in the Seattle/Tacoma area at 15 cents a gallon for regular. We moved to Cali in January of '72 and gas was 21-22 cents at the discount stations. By the time I started driving in '73 it was up to 25 cents. Parents bought their house in Cali in '72 for 19.5k and sold it in '79 for 94k. When I moved out on my own early '74, my first rent was $85.00 for a two bedroom house. If you go to Google maps and put in these coordinates you can see it. I would have done a screen cap but I can never find them when I do. Coordinates : 34.558079,-117.968827
  • mustang... Andy Fl... 2012/06/11 03:31:41
  • Kat 2012/06/10 19:53:21
    I started driving in 1978 and the average price for gas was about 65 cents a gallon!
  • DuncanONeil 2012/06/10 18:59:45
    About $0.34 per gallon.
  • mchappell2 2012/06/10 18:24:55
    About 35 cents a gallon
  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/06/10 17:49:51
    Jorge Enriquez
    idk..i just dont remember
  • Roblem BN-0 2012/06/10 16:49:05
    Roblem BN-0
    I started driving in 1978. Yes... remember the gas lines in 79? What happened to the plan to build economy cars/trucks? I remember a guy driving a Mazda 323 diesel in the 80s that got 50 MPG!

    Federal debt was 3/4 of a trillion. Dow Jones high was 893. Now people are crying because it is circling 12,000.


    I just saw a gas receipt from June of 2008. Gas was more then, than it is now in my area.

    But according to "inflation" we are close to paying an accurate amount. If only our wages all increased at the same level. Many of us would be a lot better off.
  • Frank 2012/06/10 16:19:27
    I started driving in 1960 and gas was 15 cents during gas wars.
  • mustang... Frank 2012/06/10 16:38:26
    I think we should go backwards...LOL
  • Frank mustang... 2012/06/10 19:24:37
    Those were the good old days. In 1963 I Bought a 1963 chevey super sport 327 engine 2 hardtop for $2,900.......... 1963 chevy
  • mustang... Frank 2012/06/11 03:51:59
  • Kane Fernau 2012/06/10 15:17:16
    Kane Fernau
    I worked for my brother at a gas station. We had gas wars. The cheapest I remember was 23.9 cents /gallon. If gas was less than $2.00/gal. now the country would BOOM.
  • mustang... Kane Fe... 2012/06/10 16:40:27
    Yes, when i came here to Fl in 9/01, gas was $1.40...
  • Kane Fe... mustang... 2012/06/10 17:13:07
    Kane Fernau
    What do you think would happen to the economy if gas was just under $2.00/gal? If Obama gave a s--t about the middle class he'd get off stifling energy production in our own country and quit trying to drive prices up to make Green energy more attractive. Spain is broke thanks to investments in Green energy. European countries have stopped giving subsidies to Green technology but Obama wants to spend more.
  • Frank Kane Fe... 2012/06/10 19:26:22
    I agree. Green energy is wonderful for about 1 tenth of 1 percent of the population, the other 300 million of us can't afford it. Reckon Obama has a clue about anything?
  • Kane Fe... Frank 2012/06/10 22:37:07
    Kane Fernau
    He knows how to destroy the dollar, capitalism and bankrupt the country.
  • mustang... Frank 2012/06/11 03:55:35
  • Frank mustang... 2012/06/11 16:59:10
    Never seen the green cleaners, what are they or it???? The sad thing is the majority of the people that voted for him are poor and think he will change their lives with freebe's, and all he has done is cost them more of their income with higher prices on everything.....
  • mustang... Frank 2012/06/13 03:37:47
    Look at say the glass cleaners like Windex, and by them will be cleaners that say Green and they have it for every cleaner and they are twice the price of regular. There's even green toilet paper and paper towels.
  • mustang... Kane Fe... 2012/06/11 03:54:30
    Those plug-in cars are working out too well and who the hell can afford them? Spain has an enormous amt of rich muslims, why aren't they pitching in?
  • john 2012/06/10 15:02:24
    about three shillings a gallon = 15 pence = 22 cents in america.....
  • Lili13 2012/06/10 14:59:35
    Haven't started driving yet still 15
  • PumpkinMuncher 2012/06/10 14:59:18
    I started driving in 2005 and I believe it was around $2 a gallon
  • Jack's Pearl 2012/06/10 14:56:17
    Jack's Pearl
    .97 cents a gallon. I loved filling up on around 10 bucks! :)
  • 'Zedd 2012/06/10 01:31:49
  • enlightened one 2012/06/09 23:43:25
    enlightened one
    I barely remember the cost of gas back in the day when I started driving. I was thinking somewhere between 29 to 35 cents a gallon.

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