How Much Shopping Did You Get Done Over Black Friday Weekend?

ABC News U.S. 2012/11/27 04:50:39
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Some went overboard with shopping on Black Friday. Did you get all your holiday shopping out of the way on the hectic day -- or did you stay as far away from the mall as possible?

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  • Papillon rebecca... 2012/11/29 20:24:46 (edited)
  • JOHN C 2012/11/28 07:14:07
    None of it
    JOHN C
    the hell with that
  • Papillon JOHN C 2012/11/28 14:53:13
  • Dyonus 2012/11/28 06:18:56
    None of it
    Not worth it.
  • JCLadybug 2012/11/28 05:54:39
    Most of it
    About 1/4 of it, but I didn't fight the crowds. I shopped online, checked out a few less busy stores, and went to target with my father-in-laws employee discount to get a few things that I needed to get my son, nieces, and nephews for Christmas. I was shopping more for general need at home and Christmas...not for the deals (most of them weren't that good anyway). I did actually manage to get 1 or 2 "black friday" deals out of sheer luck (b/c I was hours behind the crazies).
  • Papillon JCLadybug 2012/11/28 14:55:07
  • JCLadybug Papillon 2012/11/28 16:54:23
    I didn't buy anything I wasn't going to buy anyway. I personally love gift giving. We budget for Christmas and I have no problem with that. My son, nieces, and nephews are part of a pool that we all buy for to keep costs down b/c they don't need that many toys.
  • Papillon JCLadybug 2012/11/29 20:26:02
  • mae 2012/11/28 05:34:12
    None of it
    It was sheer madness--we drove past the Malls--turned around and came home. I'll buy online. Nothing is worth that kind of craziness.
  • Papillon mae 2012/11/28 14:57:22
  • mae Papillon 2012/11/28 21:00:02 (edited)
    Agree. Gift Cards for everyone this year...[well, maybe...] I'm too old and wear out too fast for all this shop-till-you-drop, run here, run there stuff. A piping hot cup of Constant Comment tea and my computer, and a crockpot full of chicken and dumplings, and I can browse all I want, in peace and quiet. And warmth. And a clean toilet I don't have to stand in line for. Don't have to walk a quarter-mile to my car, in the rain. Tell me again why Mall/ Big Package Store shopping is so great?
  • Papillon mae 2012/11/29 20:28:43
  • *~The Doctor's Rose♥~* 2012/11/28 04:48:04
    None of it
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    I personally think Black Friday is ridiculous and chaotic.. if you're going to shop on Black Friday, shop online. That way you stay in one piece. :)
  • LucyLucero 2012/11/28 04:37:26
    None of it
    I worked all day, and made a butt load of money. :D
  • Papillon LucyLucero 2012/11/28 14:58:06
  • Torchy 2012/11/28 04:25:59
    None of it
    I got a few things I needed for myself online, but otherwise, no. I don't impulse-buy, especially with gifts. I want to make sure I get the people I care for something nice as opposed to something cheap.
  • hupton 2012/11/28 04:07:35
    None of it
    Pretty much the last thing I would want to be doing on a holiday weekend
  • guitar kid 2012/11/28 03:45:10
    None of it
    guitar kid
    I just saw the picture for this question from a distance...I am indeed a Staples employee and I can tell you Black Friday this year was nowhere near hard. Nobody came in. As a matter of fact, it was about as normal as an average day.
  • Papillon guitar kid 2012/11/28 14:59:52
  • brandon 2012/11/28 03:45:00
    None of it
    I'm more of a cyber Monday shopper ! :) ;)
  • Its Me, Joel 2012/11/28 01:33:25
    None of it
    Its Me, Joel
    Bought one item.
  • lady_c5_loadmaster 2012/11/28 01:32:47
    None of it
    I never shop on this weekend.
  • pantagruella 2012/11/28 01:24:10
    Most of it
    I always shop intensely every day. All the days are the same for me. We don't have Black Friday over here, or I haven't noticed because all the shops are closed down.
  • swp 2012/11/28 01:01:24
    All of it
    Did it all online though. Not stupid enough to go to a store in that chaos full of a-holes.
  • Papillon swp 2012/11/28 15:01:22
  • Erinite 2012/11/28 00:49:08
    None of it
    Can any body say "capitalism" and "materialism"? It's utterly stupid, in my opinion. Yes, go for some discounts, but don't go crazy. (as so many seem to do, like with trampling other customers!) A heartfelt gift is the best kind, and that doesn't mean the most expensive or newest item on the market.
  • Freeranger 2012/11/28 00:47:53
    None of it
    zippo lighter Thankfully.....why subject yourself?
  • Lee 2012/11/28 00:46:13
    None of it
    Buck that. Crazy happenings on black friday. Rather not get my arm ripped off over a tv
  • Papillon Lee 2012/11/28 15:02:00
  • Kigan 2012/11/28 00:42:00
    None of it
    I'm still kind of wondering how it is people in this economy suddenly had so much money.

    No, I have no interest in black Friday sales. I bought some cheap DVDs on Sunday, but I would never have gone out of my way for them.

    I've no interest in trampling or being trampled over a deal that is not as great as it sounds to begin with.
  • Papillon Kigan 2012/11/28 15:02:43
  • swp Kigan 2012/11/28 15:07:01
    The trampling and violence is revolting. Up here in Canada we are starting to do more "Black Friday" sales, but it doesn't seem to get crazy like it does down there. I think more criminal charges should be laid for the violence and public nuisance that, quite frankly, the rest of the world watches in disgust. I know most Americans are disgusted by it as well - so why do you allow it to happen?
  • Kigan swp 2012/11/29 01:56:21
    I don't allow anything. My voice is drowned out by those screaming for their deals.

    The only way to stop it is for people to not do it. They give the retailers what they want and the retailers keep doing it. So I just go for the people I can influence and try to get them not to participate until the disgusting behavior on part of the retailers and shoppers comes to an end.
  • swp Kigan 2012/11/29 14:58:00
    I hear you. But I wonder if these people actually get the criminal charges that they deserve and pay the appropriate penalties. The retailers have a responsibility to provide a safe shopping environment. If that means hiring extra security and controlling how many people they let in at a time, then they need to do that and be fined heavily if they don't.
  • Gregaj7 2012/11/28 00:28:02
    None of it
    Not on the agenda.
  • Bronar 2012/11/28 00:07:17
    None of it
    I wouldn't dare hit the stores on the day I know is the most crowded day of the year nor can I understand why anyone else would...
  • YourCompanionCube 2012/11/27 23:46:15
    None of it
    None. TOO craaaazEEEEE.
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2012/11/27 23:33:15 (edited)
    None of it
    luigi1- in god we trust
    The deals are just as good after New Year's especially on returned or open boxes. No crowds. No hassle.
  • Reggie☮ 2012/11/27 22:59:51
    None of it
    I never shop on Black Friday.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2012/11/27 22:36:18
    None of it
    Lerro DeHazel
    I'm still looking for a Black Sunday where everyone lines up to go to Church . . .

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