How many concerts have you been to?

¡Viva La Allison! 2010/07/19 01:49:37
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  • insane1 2010/07/26 00:01:26 (edited)
    I've gone to a Shinedown (Puddle of Mudd, and Skillet where there to) concert, and a Breaking Benjamin (Three Days Grace and Flyleaf where the other bands) concert(which is the one I got my hand broken in the most pit, crazy crowd).
  • GreenDay+MCR=<3 2010/07/21 00:15:48
    none i wish i could go to one
  • ♫☠RibelleRosso☠♫ 2010/07/20 10:26:31
    My first was a Busted concert.
    my next was a Girls aloud
    my thrid a Killers
    my fourth Take That
    i am going to see Muse in september and Take That next year.
  • !Gráinne! 2010/07/19 20:06:49
    Avril Lavigne in May '05 when I was 9 (don't judge me, I was young and foolish :P)
    Green Day in October '09
    Rage Against The Machine in June '10
    Green Day again, also in June '10 (best night ever, they truly are the best band live)

    In August I'll be going to Blink 182. Real excited. Wish I could have gone to Slash...
  • StillNotJimmy<3 2010/07/19 17:12:58
    ive been to 4. 1st was GREEN DAY! 2nd was nickleback(with papa roach :) who by the way said green day rocks to me on twitter!, hinder, and saving abel. and ACDC popped in it was awesome!) 3rd was breaking benjamin(with sick puppies and adelitas way) 4th was warped which i only saw we the kings, the bouncing souls, alesana(which i bummped into the hot bass player!!! AHHHH! but said sorry and walked away cause had to look for my inhaler:( ) and The All American Rejects. lol thats a lot! but i wanna see green day again! :(
  • Locker Midget 2010/07/19 14:50:42
    Locker Midget
    I've been to 1. going to my 2nd one in August. Both Green Day concerts :D

    yes I did just copy and paste >.>
  • ¡Viva L... Locker ... 2010/07/19 21:02:12
    ¡Viva La Allison!
    lol we're the same! don't you just love copy and paste. it's a life saver sometimes :p
  • Locker ... ¡Viva L... 2010/07/19 21:53:00
    Locker Midget
    and a time saver! don't forget that
  • ¡Viva L... Locker ... 2010/07/21 03:33:02
    ¡Viva La Allison!
    yes! haha
  • Locker ... ¡Viva L... 2010/07/24 04:56:55
    Locker Midget
    all hail time
  • ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥* 2010/07/19 13:42:54
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    zero yay
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/07/19 17:13:48
    lol nooooo nay! u need to get yourself to see green day!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/07/19 19:05:04
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    i have no money and i was going to save money by getting a job but they canceled the jobs for 14 year olds at my town now you have to be 17
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/07/21 02:01:38
    ahhhhhh does meanies! chea im broke 2 :P but if they came 2 my town again i would do anything to gooooo!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/07/21 13:11:09
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    yeah and also my mom wants to wait until they come to new york or giants stadium which are a lot closer to my house then the other new jersey gigs they;re going to play but really you never now when they coming back to new york or something cause it could be like another 4 years until they have another album
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/07/22 22:58:26
    lol i dont think soooo even without a new album they have to come around sooner or later
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/07/23 13:37:08
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    they better if not ill kill them with my shotgun
    ill kill shotgun
    and im pretty sure billie joe will pee in his pant cause he scared of this crap
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/07/24 00:13:37
    *gasp* noooo thats evil!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/07/24 12:19:57
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    well i am an evil person
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/07/26 00:00:00
    awwwww but dont u care bout billie?
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/07/26 13:03:04
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    no hahahah *evil laugh*
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/07/27 05:08:09
    D: *gasp* why?
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/07/30 13:57:19
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    because umm .... because idk
    its just because he's billie joe
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/07/31 14:34:24
    lol your soooo wrong, hey be careful maybe he took self defence classes afterwards
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/08/02 13:15:30
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    so what my older cousin taught me a how to defend my self and about a huge pressure point in the neck that will totally kills people if you strike it plus im heavy handed so that means my punches hurt a lot even if i dont try that hard and i use to beat up boys when i was younger
    i think i can take on billie joe
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/08/04 13:46:15
    lol awwwww dont hurt him plizzzzz!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/08/04 13:55:09
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    no worry i wont but after that he'll wish he was dead
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/08/04 13:59:54
    :( awww play nicely now it may come with rewards!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/08/04 14:13:09
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    what kind of rewards will i get for sparing his life?
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/08/04 14:17:29
    idk! lol i would give you something but im broke!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/08/04 14:19:14
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    but if tre or mike knew i didnt kill him would they give me something?
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/08/04 14:24:31
    lol depends what you want :D anythin clean maybe but dirty idk.......
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/08/04 14:26:22
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    god i just wanted tickets or signatures or money
    i wont want sex with one of them it would be creepy
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/08/04 14:32:16
    lol its wasnt nessesarily sex!!!!!!!! lol tix and autographs and money sound really good!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/08/04 16:51:52
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    and i want them to do one more thing and you do it too
    i want you and them to bite your lips and close your eyes and shake your hand like your shaking dice
    and i want you to see what your doing
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/08/07 08:51:05
    lol i not stupid!!!!!!!!!!! lol but fine if i must!!!!!!!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/08/11 13:42:13
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    so how was it? did you get the idea
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/08/12 17:02:38
    i dont want 2 talk about the crazy sh******t i do for you!
  • ¡Longvi... StillNo... 2010/08/12 18:29:14
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    awww i knew you would love it
  • StillNo... ¡Longvi... 2010/08/16 11:40:55
    evil! lol nah not you!

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