How long should an engagement last??...

Jersey Roze ♥Jwon's Cyar'ika ♥ 2012/06/08 21:11:24
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  • DFA 2012/07/04 22:39:47
    As long as you need before you are financially ready to move forward.
  • Kashee 2012/07/04 03:35:04
    There is no specific length of time. You will know when you are ready.
  • bluemoon 2012/07/03 16:59:09
    only one year
  • nenenae 2012/07/02 18:29:58
    As long as need be
  • KrSpo 2012/07/02 16:38:28
    Minimum 1 year, and that is actively dating, not a weekend thing. We see too much nonsense where someone gets 'engaged' and married in a month. And people wonder why we have such high divorce rates. If the relationship is strong, then it will survive a 3 year engagement.
  • John Hall 2012/07/02 15:55:47
    John Hall
    that's up to the people but i would think know more than a year.
  • Jimbo 2012/07/02 13:41:25
    as long as it takes. If it takes too long then someone doesn't really want to get married
  • Rod 2012/07/02 13:27:45 (edited)
    As long as is needed to feel truly comfortable with your decisions. It could last two days or two years. Mine lasted 12 hours. Of course we dated for three whole weeks before the engagement and the (almost) immediate wedding. Blissfully married ever since.
  • Ira 2012/07/02 12:54:05
    6 months at least.
  • Rod Ira 2012/07/02 13:49:11
    What is the determining factor for you? Is it just time or do you have other criteria?
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/07/02 12:27:20
    Christopher Kirchen
    Any longer than six months and you're just going through the motions.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/07/02 11:48:05
    My wife and I had were engaged for one year to the day.
  • RasHooD 2012/07/02 10:38:52
    2 years maximam
  • ben 2012/07/02 08:05:33
    not less than 6 months..but within that 6..lets get rid of the smoke screen aand do our homework.

    we all accept that it's not going to be easy and that we have to agree to disagree. someone is going to have to give and take and understand that it shouldnt be the same person all the time.

    finances is an issue..and u need to know where that value lies..because things happen and sometimes your dreams..or you goals are shattered...now what?

    children is another big issue..discuss it and be honest....if you're career or goal minded and dont want them..or at least not while you're building..say that!...and throw in what happens if you dont meet your goal..things change and you cant controll everything.

    if you're honest about whatever it is..with an understanding that any of these issues you're dealing with between each other may end what hasn't started...

    this generation of fast trackers..intellegent seekers..whitty beyond belief...dont usually last the first 5 years. we want the relationship to last your lifetime and help stable an unstable world..so attack the hard issues and see if you can survive...love should be unconditional and if you're not willing to love...and make sure you're good friends on top of all of this..you wont make it.
  • me4ever 2012/07/02 07:56:25
    as long as it takes to get to know the other person well
  • ♡Short Sparkley Ginger♡ 2012/07/02 07:30:46
    ♡Short Sparkley Ginger♡
    At leaste a year, so that they have time to be reasonable and see if they will ACTUALLY be doing the right thing by gettin married
  • Vinny 2012/07/02 06:23:25
    As long as you want.
  • Playerazzi 2012/07/02 06:11:51
    I think up to about six months. Mine was three months. I mean, once you've made the decision, why wait longer than necessary?
  • MissingTheO.C. 2012/07/02 05:30:44
    6 months?
  • Rod Missing... 2012/07/02 13:49:56
  • tblackb 2012/07/02 05:30:20
    it should be a short term endeavor (less that a year)
  • Don Leuty 2012/07/02 05:29:27
    Don Leuty
    That's really up to you guys. When you believe you are a great fit and you are willing to commit for the long haul. It wouldn't hurt to build a substantial nest egg. Not enough capital is probably the #1 cause of marital stress. Tight money can be a catalyst for working things out together. Extremely tight money raises the level of frustration and can lead to depression.
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2012/07/02 05:27:53
  • Belle 2012/07/02 05:24:46
    as long as you love each other it shouldnt be a problem.....
  • Mrs. Kathy Arch 2012/07/02 05:16:51 (edited)
    Mrs. Kathy Arch
    Mine will be just shy of eight months.
  • Jersey ... Mrs. Ka... 2012/07/02 05:18:04
    Jersey Roze ♥Jwon's Cyar'ika ♥
    Congratulations, If haven't told you already :D...
  • Mrs. Ka... Jersey ... 2012/07/02 05:19:08
    Mrs. Kathy Arch
    Thank you! (even if you have!) ;)
  • Jersey ... Mrs. Ka... 2012/07/02 05:19:34
    Jersey Roze ♥Jwon's Cyar'ika ♥
    You're welcome :D...
  • exsecrare 2012/07/02 05:11:10
    Mine lasted 1 month. I had known my wife for a total of 3 months before we were married, it has now been 3 years and we have a child together. I would not change a thing.
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2012/07/02 03:01:19
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    As long as it needs to. I was engaged for 9 months, but I had also known him for about 9 months before we got engaged. We have a special relationship that we cannot quite explain. We just really work.
  • GreyHeart 2012/06/15 13:44:04
    honestly, my opinion on marriage makes me ineligible to answer that question
  • Alvin 2012/06/10 20:05:15
    until you feel like ruining a good friendship by getting married.
  • Rod Alvin 2012/07/02 13:51:40 (edited)
    My marriage was just the opposite. It turned a good friendship into a great friendship. Sorry for your heartbreak.
  • Kashee Rod 2012/07/04 03:34:09
    It is so wonderful to hear how you speak about your wife. You were blessed to have each other.
  • Rod Kashee 2012/07/04 12:33:03
    As amazing as she is, what impresses me most about her is that she has been able to put up with me for all of these years.
  • Kashee Rod 2012/07/04 14:27:38
  • Vision of Verve 2012/06/09 17:58:21
  • ehrhornp 2012/06/09 17:12:35
    Don't think there is a one answer for this. Many variables can enter into this. My daughter and her new husband went on their honey moon prior to their wedding as things just worked out that way.
  • dandieselonian 2012/06/09 16:46:04
    as long as you think its fun
  • JohnT 2012/06/09 15:00:44
    That should be discussed by the couple and based upon what they have going on in their lives. I think if they keep putting off the eventual wedding date they need to be honest with one another and either end the relationship or just drop the marriage aspect and just move on

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