How does your pet act at the Vet?

Sister Jean 2011/08/11 18:26:15
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wild animal
docile animal
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Amazes me what a docile cat Princess becomes at the Vet!!!!
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  • Heidi 2011/08/18 02:45:47
    wild animal
    Treepy screamed like crazy, Mr Pips was just really scared and stay close by to me (both cats)
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2011/08/13 06:39:49
    my pet is
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    Fearful But not bad
  • wildcat 2011/08/12 02:01:26
    docile animal
    Scatman is pretty docile all the time.
  • FencerCat 2011/08/12 01:30:31
    None of the above
    He's fear-agressive toward other dogs so we have to wait outside with him. Funny thing is, one of the people who worked at the vet's used to be our dog-sitter when we went on vacation, and she would bring him to the office and he'd stay behind the counter. He wasn't at all bothered by the other dogs then. We only recently found that out.
  • RosaG 2011/08/12 00:39:15
    docile animal
    My cat Emma was all happy and friendly to the vet, but extremely shocked when the vet put a thermometer in her bottom :S Not so happy anymore after that.
  • sigh 2011/08/11 22:50:25
    wild animal
    my cat freaks out, then attempts to "flirt" with the vet. Then when they think shes sweet and docile, she mauls them and escapes. This has happened about five times xD
  • reasontolive 2011/08/11 20:45:19
    docile animal
    Well behaved, but he trembles.
  • goodogcarl 2011/08/11 18:44:17
    my pet is
    my pets act like champs . . . have never snapped at a vet . . . the place i have my little scruffy terrier bloomed told me she was the sweetest dog that comes to them
  • Sister Jean 2011/08/11 18:42:30
    my pet is
    Sister Jean
  • Tresa 2011/08/11 18:41:17
    wild animal
    Soon as they take his temp. he's ready to bite everyone in the room including me for bringing him. He usually chills out when they break out the treats.

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