How does drinking salt water make you vomit?

Sarah BN-0 2011/03/21 01:37:56
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I had some really bad sushi and I feel sick now. I drank half a glass but couldn't finish it. Is it the flavor or something else?
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  • Magnus ☮ RP ☮ 2012 ☮ 2011/09/02 09:21:08
    Magnus ☮ RP ☮ 2012 ☮
    Because too much salt in the body is seen as a threat... your stomach has sensors all over it, and so when these potential threatening substances or foreign agents enter into your stomach and are detected, they tell the "vomit center" of your brain to forcibly contract and evacuate the contents of the stomach completely in order to protect you (prevent any further poisoning). It isn't the taste or the irritation, but your brain's reaction to what those sensors in your stomach relay. To go further, if you consume either too much water or too much salt, it can kill. Thus, too much salt is programmed in to the body's defensive mechanisms as a threat.
  • wombat 2011/03/21 18:51:51 (edited)
    it causes a reaction in your stomach.
  • Wikidnezz ;D 2011/03/21 04:18:40
    Wikidnezz ;D
    It just be the salt... Maybe the purple leprechaun decided to jump in the water and then play with that punching bag type thing in the back of your throat... I dunno
  • Sparklee 2011/03/21 02:40:03
    I never had sushi.I didn't know you can drink it too.It probably had some bacteria in it.
  • Drachen 2011/03/21 02:00:08
    It's disgusting <_<
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2011/03/21 01:52:05
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    It's probably too much salt for your body to handle, or the salt upsets your stomach even more than it already is.
  • themadhare ~IJM 2011/03/21 01:38:55
    themadhare ~IJM
    I think by pulling water into your stomach
  • Sarah BN-0 themadh... 2011/03/21 01:41:52
    Sarah BN-0
    Doesn't drinking water do that? I don't know I haven't finished Health yet.
  • themadh... Sarah BN-0 2011/03/21 01:43:53
    themadhare ~IJM
    I don't know. I'm guessing that pulling it in through your stomach lining irritates, causing the vomiting.
  • Sarah BN-0 themadh... 2011/03/21 02:00:58
    Sarah BN-0
    Ah, I see.

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