How do you think you could handle life in a wheelchair?

Kennedy1st 2009/08/30 15:22:02
How would you handle not walking again? I am just curious.After a while I have gotten used to it but wonder if suddenly you ended up in one,what would you do.
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  • The Sane One 2009/08/30 16:37:47
    The Sane One

    I was stuck in a wheelchair for close to 2 years before I was able to walk again; if I had a downturn in my condition so that I no longer had the mobility, I would simply find some way to kill myself.

    With the other medical problems I'm facing, being in a wheelchair is a death sentence anyway--I would merely accelerate the process, while I still had the ability to do so.
  • RedMonkey 2009/08/30 15:48:13
    play murderball.keep up the attitude hoss
  • gwts 2009/08/30 15:27:27
    it would be tough but I honestly think that I'd get used to it easier than for example to getting blind or deaf.
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2009/08/30 15:23:05
    sd *TROUBLE*
    I would seriously like break down. I don't think i could ever get used to it.
  • Kennedy1st sd *TRO... 2009/08/30 16:00:02
    Believe me,you do.It all comes in time..I miss hikig,being out in the canoe,riding my bike but I picked up oter things to do.I write,paint.read and find several things to do.Oh,I have my down time but I think everybody does.

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