How do you react to egg salad on the teeth?

Yosyp 2012/06/05 09:43:42
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My supervisor had some on her teeth, it was terrible, made me sick to even look at her.
Would you have said something?
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  • oldlady 2012/06/06 21:29:34
    None of the above
    Depends on how he/she treats others. If decent then yes, if not then continue to look foolish ;)
  • Tentimesinfinity 2012/06/06 18:39:36
    I would have said something
    I meant to say " remained silent", and I probably would have made an excuse to leave.
  • Chris- Demon of the PHAET 2012/06/06 12:00:05
    I would have said something
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    I probably would have said something. (I think egg salad is disgusting on bread let alone in someone's teeth.) :-)
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/06/06 02:30:05
    I would have said something
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    If it were me, I'd like to know!
  • Elz 2012/06/05 22:07:47
    I would have remained silent
    and would had thought to myself that that was nasty.
  • gocar 2012/06/05 15:47:48
    Depends if it's my teeth
  • Dynasty Fighter 2012/06/05 13:12:23
    I would have said something
    Dynasty Fighter
    i would say something
  • Nice Recruit 2012/06/05 12:48:24
    None of the above
    Nice Recruit
    I would have to leave A.S.A.P...before i started gagging
  • W123 2012/06/05 11:22:07
    I would have remained silent
    If that was my boss oh I would certainly shut up. She just might remember this awkward situation for a very long time and that might effect her confidence either want to degrade me or would want to avoid me, and if shes a women chances are she wont get over it so quickly.
  • Lefty 2012/06/05 10:54:15
    I would have said something
    You have some egg salad on your teeth.
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/06/05 10:06:37
    I would have said something
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    If I liked them I'd tell them so they would not be embarrassed, but otherwise no.
  • TheVynne 2012/06/05 09:55:20
    I would have said something
    I would have, but everyone knows I'm pretty blunt about things like that. I wouldn't want to go around the entire day with something in my teeth and no one told me. A few seconds of embarrassment is better than finding out you went the ENTIRE DAY like that.

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