How do you know when it's time to let your boyfriend go?

maya kaulitz 2011/04/02 06:17:25
I've been with mine for 2 years but I don't what to hurt him too bad when we break up if I have the guts to • _•
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  • AngelDeath of Darkness *-_-* 2011/04/10 07:57:48
    AngelDeath of Darkness *-_-*
    When you feel that there is no more love in the relationship
  • Nat Turner 2011/04/05 16:05:05
    Nat Turner
    When you catch him lying and/or cheating!
  • LQ~phaet 2011/04/04 21:55:13
    You may be surprised to find yourself feeling more hurt than you expect to. It may be he who flourishes with this change. Just sayin'......
  • greeneyesblondy 2011/04/03 14:15:54
    when they stand u up cause ur better than that
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2011/04/03 08:03:27
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    When you lose interest.
  • °andrew° 2011/04/03 02:55:18
    "...WHEN we break up..."??
    If you already know it's not going to work, the sooner the better. No use toiling around for no reason other than not having the guts. That just makes it worse and prolongs what should be done—you could be wasting valuable time. It probably sounds cold-hearted, but it should be done soon. It'll hurt like hell now, but more appreciated later.
  • Tigger Too 2011/04/03 00:29:40
    Tigger Too
    Uh, I don't know... Maybe a good time to kick him to the curb would be after you caught him doing the horizontal bop with your best friend in YOUR bed.
  • maya ka... Tigger Too 2011/04/05 00:41:06
    maya kaulitz
    Um......Ewww that's really gross and I know he loves me more than that + he's emo and my friends dont do emo un less its me but that's it
  • aherbert 2011/04/02 23:01:57
    When you are not being love they want you want to...
  • Joe61 2011/04/02 21:40:18 (edited)
    I don't know because I have never had a boyfriend before!!!!
  • tatchick 2011/04/02 20:17:32
    I know it's time to kick mine to the curb when he starts playing the "father role":(
  • i<3conanthebarbarian 2011/04/02 19:39:24
    when you start to grow apart from him
  • maya ka... i<3cona... 2011/04/03 03:40:26
    maya kaulitz
    But that's the thing were not growing apart we keep getting closer but my mom and my friends tell me hes not good for me and I don't know what to do!!!! ='(
  • i<3cona... maya ka... 2011/04/03 21:14:39
    keep goin out wit him if u truly luv him
  • desi-cakes 2011/04/02 18:48:39
    when you feel that he is not the one or have too many problems
  • Tudie BN 2011/04/02 18:48:26
    Tudie BN
    You will know !
  • Michael McFascist 2011/04/02 18:41:30
    Michael McFascist
    if he's sitting around drinking Jack Daniels in his underwear while obsessively cleaning his firearm all day long and when you say something to him and he doesn't say anything back but just glares at you...you've waited too long.
  • maya ka... Michael... 2011/04/03 03:41:51 (edited)
    maya kaulitz
    Wow that will never happen concidering were emos• _•
  • Shaney Boo 2011/04/02 18:38:12
    Shaney Boo
    When you suspect somthing is wrong with him....=;(
    suspect somthing wrong bad boyfriend
  • roseofanycolor 2011/04/02 18:38:03
    Yes, I do unfortunately.......
  • Nisa PinkySwear(*~*) 2011/04/02 18:36:20
    Nisa PinkySwear(*~*)
    When you dont feel a romantic connection to him anymore
  • ♥PrettyLittleLiarsLover♥ 2011/04/02 18:32:25
    Well, I would question our realashionship I would kinda question if hes 1 or dating someone else if he is than just say Im sorry but i saw u with another girl...its over
    If ur not into em say I think its time to move on
    something sweet
  • TashiaHeartsBrandon 2011/04/02 18:31:51
    when you feel in your heart that it is time to move on, you must let go. the longer you wait the harder it will be, and then you will REALLY hurt him. why is it that you want to break up with him?
  • maya ka... TashiaH... 2011/04/03 03:48:35
    maya kaulitz
    My mom and my friends say he's not good for me and I really don't care I love him and I know he loves me but my mom she's just so judgemental and wants my boyfriend to be popular and have every thing she's looking for but I'm emo and so is my boyfriend and she blames him for me bing emo and she calls us freAks can you believe that she calls me a freak that's ok because she's just a bitch >=(
  • TashiaH... maya ka... 2011/04/04 19:43:04
    NO!!! this is what you do; kill her with kindness!!! and it's okay to be called a freak my mom used to call me it all of the time. She's just like that because she loves you and wants you to be with someone she think will be "perfect", but if it is in your heart that you truly want to be with him, then let it be! Love is stronger than anything and should stand the words of friends as for your mother like I said kill her with kindness, she'll never see it coming!
  • wtxwoman 2011/04/02 18:31:47
    When you start looking for excuses not to be with him/her, it's time to move on. Keep it simple, keep it calm, keep it private and be strong.
  • Beccy 2011/04/02 18:28:56
    When you feel like it's time to move on.
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/04/02 18:27:17
    Jack's Pearl
    In my experience, if you are questioning your relationship, then it's time to let go. Sometimes it can take a while to decide, but the end result usually is to break up.
  • Whatever 2011/04/02 07:32:30
    I dont have alot of dating experience but i mean, your gonna hurt him one day or another depending on how much he loves you. sorry
  • maya kaulitz 2011/04/02 06:18:33
    maya kaulitz
    What's the right way some one please help me=,(

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