How do you define a weird person?

jt 2010/10/07 17:20:03
Hahaha.. U know people can say it's weird, he is weird...she is always weird... like that. But in fact what is actually the meaning of weird in Ur mind? Not the definition from the dictionary at all... I mean.. in Ur own thoughts what is actually weird means to U?
Have a gr8 day... jt
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  • hideki jo 2014/03/30 23:24:43
    hideki jo
    you cant be weird. you can have a different sence in life and style but your only weird to the people that are too ignorant to understand you; thats why they call you weird...
  • ImgonaluvAztroBoi4eva 2010/10/12 08:20:06
    What Jenni said, she said it best I think.
  • Autumn 2010/10/11 07:00:08
    I aways think of weird as being creepy. I also think of weird as being different.
  • nope 2010/10/10 07:18:32
    Someone who stands out. Someone who is noticeably different and unique.
  • Black Night 2010/10/10 04:47:41
    Black Night
    To me it's someone or thing or event that is unusual or out of the ordinary.
  • Leo --Name Subject 2 Change-- 2010/10/09 09:51:55
    Leo --Name Subject 2 Change--
    weird. how to define weird. indeed. . . . . .
  • tooner259 2010/10/08 16:01:10
    Short hair,conservatively dressed,(dead giveaway suit and tie),no tattoos,clean shaven.
  • Riobhca 2010/10/08 05:40:16
    I think that everyone defines it differently. Personally, I don't think it's a negative thing. I use "bizarre" a lot, but sometimes that can definitely be a good thing too. So, it's all a matter of perspective. And I'd rather be "weird" than "normal" or a "follower." Have you ever noticed how the most creative people often are given these labels by so-called society?
  • Jenni 2010/10/08 04:04:26
    Quirky and different. Doesn't follow the 'mainstream' of things. Not necessarily a bad thing.
  • paige♥ 2010/10/08 02:49:53
    people who say that are really mean because being weird is just being different from their expectations. I hardly ever call anybody weird
  • Jaxxi 2010/10/08 02:05:53
    Weird to me, is beautiful in a random way...I find weird to be "the spice of life" if you will, a refreshing break from the ordinary, and a kind reminder for us not to take our lives and selves so seriously because when it is all said and done,....looking at the big picture....what we did here will have little significance...but who we are inside, and what we became collectively as a whole-- our "weirdness" will carry on through our next quantum leap...
  • greggerz 2010/10/08 01:17:21
    How do I define a weird person? Let me spell it out J-U-S-T-I-N-E B-E-I-B-E-R
  • sand 2010/10/07 23:41:02
    Well lets just say that they can't be me then. =P
  • 0000 2010/10/07 23:33:07
    If they act anything remotely like me...they are weird.
  • Green Squirrel 2010/10/07 22:36:38
    Green Squirrel
    when people play with legos in class like the kid next to me in first period
  • Doremi 2010/10/07 22:07:14
    when people talk to theirselves
  • Savannah 2010/10/07 21:18:34
    uhhh, someone out of the ordinary, maybe. But what is ordinary, really? Weird people are amazing!
  • Alive 2010/10/07 21:02:39
    i don't know... i have a confusion between weird and awesome so i can't tell XD
  • Huki68 2010/10/07 20:57:29
    Well, something unusual that a person's those that I am not custom to see everyday, for me maybe weird, yet for them they do it everyday and it not weird, I just need to get used to that person and it will not be weird anymore.
  • Metalthatroxursox 2010/10/07 20:37:44
    People that tend to be socially awkward and don't know how or what to do with themselves while in the presence of others tend to be labled as weirdos. I generally am inclined to agree.
  • Prince Among The Thieves 2010/10/07 20:35:23
    Prince Among The Thieves
    awesome the best people
  • AnaMancini 2010/10/07 20:19:35
    We are all weird. I expressed an opinion not long ago here and someone replied saying basically that I was wrong. its my opinion and I dont see how my opinion can be wrong. Im not trying to make it a law or force people to like it. Its just an opinion. So we are all weird in some way or another.
  • Tearra 2010/10/07 19:38:14
  • Treedy 2010/10/07 19:05:43
    Depends on the situation. If I'm talking about myself... well all the quirky little out of the box things I do is weirdo like to me. :-)
    If it's a situation...then kinda creepy usually gets a weird vibe from me. People like strangers...uh uncensored groping of oneself is weird...no sense of public decency is weird... oh and a heavy trenchcoat in 90 degree and above weather is definitely weird. For me, weird is like strange check for exit kinda feeling you get from situations or people. That's weird.
  • LQ~phaet 2010/10/07 18:35:40
    Anyone who I have to spend a significant amount of time with who's habits and routine interfere with my own habits and routine. Otherwise, we're all weird.
  • SnuggleBabe 2010/10/07 18:34:09
    Haha How About The Definition Of Normal? I'm Mean Honestly Who Is Normal Anymore.. Everyone's A Little Weird That's What Makes Life Interesting. :D
  • Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy) 2010/10/07 18:24:25
  • sand Captain... 2010/10/07 23:45:22
    I love that movie!!!
  • Captain... sand 2010/10/08 08:25:09
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    it was ok but a bit on the cheesy side
  • sand Captain... 2010/10/09 04:17:33
    Thats why i like it. Its rediculous =)
  • Raver 2010/10/07 18:02:15
    everyone else but me
  • shorty 2010/10/07 18:01:26
    Weird is good! Normal people scare me!!! What is normal anyway?
  • Lorenzo 2010/10/07 17:56:28
    I have come to the conclusion that the weirder somebody is the nicer they are.
  • Charge 2010/10/07 17:49:29
    Who sets the standard? What is normal? It's all relative.. everyone is weird to someone!
  • jacose 2010/10/07 17:44:24
    i guess i'm weird...i found that cartoon above thoroughly hot
  • Diamond Girl 2010/10/07 17:42:28
  • FlipFlopALolliPop 2010/10/07 17:34:50
    I try not to think like that, unless the person just really makes me feel unsafe.
  • The Gov-Here to help BN362 2010/10/07 17:34:33
    The Gov-Here to help BN362

    I don't really think there is something, someone does that makes me think they are weird.. Weird people give off a vibe that makes me uncomfortable in their presence. So weird to me means my 'feeling out of sorts' around that person.
  • Free Fallin 2010/10/07 17:33:40
    Free Fallin
    Just different, it's hard to explain. There are good weirds and bad weirds. Good weird is someone you don't get,or surprises you in a lot of ways, but you feel good about them anyway, they're innocent. Bad weird is the opposite, they are threatening or scary.
  • Phillip 2010/10/07 17:33:25
    People that truly march to a different drumbeat.

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