How do you convince parents to unground you

Girlies 2011/01/21 16:02:15
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  • Wildabeast 2015/04/14 23:39:21
    Never try to convince them. How old are any of you anyways? I'm 18 and I don't do half the horrible stuff you are all doing. Good grief. I don't even drink. It's illegal until you are 21. You kids are worrying me. And then you say you hate your parents?! Well don't cry back to the when you land your asses in Juvie.
  • joey.williams.543792 2015/04/11 13:30:22
  • mflandreau 2015/03/11 21:42:50
  • Kenzie 2015/01/04 21:31:28
    Okay so I got grounded for leaving the movie theaters with my best friend and walking to Target (which is only a mile away) to meet up with my boyfriend. My dad dropped us off around 7:45, and the movie we were gonna watch was 2 hours long so I figured I had plenty time to get back. Once we got back it was 9:15 and my mom was supposed to come at 10:00. We were coming from the side of the theater and then I heard my mom call my name. She came 45 minutes early because she doesn't trust me. I didn't do anything bad with my boyfriend but my mom doesn't believe me. I got my phone taken away for god knows how long and I'm grounded for a couple months. i've been grounded before and I've tried everything to get my phone back and nothing is working. My parents say they have lost ALL trust and its gonna take a long time to get it back. I don't care about being grounded, all i want is my phone. Please help!!!!!!
  • Brylle Go 2014/10/15 11:41:55
    Brylle Go
    My parents are even more BS than all of your parents. Ive been grounded for a month and half and ive been doing good things and my mom just tells me that i still need to learn my lesson im like wtf when are you gonna consider that? That is just straight up BS
  • ECEvideos47 2014/09/18 10:25:49
    First, my parents grounded me for 3 weeks just for getting a bad grade on my test, and the next day I was on the computer doing my social studies project and he saw me and I got grounded for longer than that, he said I was grounded for "playing games on devices while grounded", I tried to tell him, but my dad thinks I'm lying, I just cant wait until summer so that kind of stuff will not happen.
  • elvin maskerov 2014/04/06 21:57:22
    elvin maskerov
    I got grounded for raising my voice and I have a condition that I speak load
  • ECEvide... elvin m... 2014/09/18 10:27:13
    Just tell them you have that condition.
  • Lachlan Wilson 2014/04/03 08:53:11
    Lachlan Wilson
    How do you get ungrounded from your ps3
  • courtney king 2014/02/12 22:34:56 (edited)
    courtney king
    how do you convince your dad to let you go out on valentines day when your gounded because of getting suspended for the second time and im 18 years old and my boyfriend is 21 years old
  • KieraAllison 2013/12/14 05:03:08
    Ok I have a boyfriend on a site but im not allowed to have a boyfriend then my dad wanted to check out the site & I seemed like I was hideing somthin so now im grounded its like wtf did I ever do 2 you
  • unicorngirl 2013/11/14 14:17:54
    I got grounded for getting caught out at 4am and I'm 15 and my mom was like behave and you can go out and its been 2 weeks and she still won't let me wtf do I do:'(
  • KieraAl... unicorn... 2013/12/14 05:06:36
    First try 2 apoligize even tgough u probalt dont wanna then be really nice vut try not to show u want ungrounded rhen if ahe ungrounds u then great if not keep trying & stay out of trouble kk
  • Wildabeast unicorn... 2015/04/14 23:32:44
  • Wildabeast unicorn... 2015/04/16 00:39:28
    You are to young to be out that late. I'm 18 and I don't even stay out that late. My parents don't even let me and I don't complain. It's justa part of life.
  • kat 2013/11/14 01:55:31
    My mom grounded me because I style her husbands car and broke it and she found my bowl and whiskey in my room but I've been grounded for three months, how do I get ungrounded
  • KieraAl... kat 2013/12/14 05:09:33
    Damn try 2 aoligize ok it wont unground u but it will help u get closer 2 getting ungrounded
  • Hannah H 2013/09/13 18:45:00
    Hannah H
    I got grounded for not cleaning my room and having some late library movies. I was going to return them and pay the fine when I got a job and a car. I am grounded for a month from EVERYTHING! And I am not allowed to go to Homecoming and I am not allowed to get my license until I'm 18. And supposedly I have more punishments to come. FML.
  • robbie 2013/09/02 15:03:54
    i got grounded for yaning to loud wtf
  • KieraAl... robbie 2013/12/14 05:11:42
    Ok your inicent dude
  • sheyla 2013/06/23 17:24:37
    i got grounded cause my mom saw me doing a fan sign on my chest nd know theywont give my ipad I hate them
  • Isaak Franklin 2013/06/21 18:20:14
    Isaak Franklin
    I don't know know what you guys are talking about, I got grounded for playing my Xbox after 7:00. Wtf. That was never a rule before but they just did it.
  • KieraAl... Isaak F... 2013/12/14 05:31:44
  • Like-a-B0$$ 2013/05/18 13:19:37
    Do you people see what im saying...?
  • Jesa Like-a-... 2013/05/25 18:33:26
    I got grounded for stealing £5 outta my mum's purse to go to a fair, but I didn't steal it cos she said I can have some money from her purse! It's not syealing if I have permission!
  • Like-a-B0$$ 2013/05/18 13:18:39
    I got grounded for not getting good grades on my progress report. BAM! the next day i get my report card!!! A-,B+,C+ and another A+. Im ground fir the weekend. the week after. and i dont know how long after that. But get this my bro got worse grades on his Report card!!!!! but good grades on his progress report. He isnt grounded! Do my parents even know what "Grades" are This Sux!
  • Chance ... Like-a-... 2014/02/04 03:24:17
    Chance Trent
    Well I'm grounded for the same thing then before I even got grounded I promised my girlfriend that I would take her to a dance
  • asff cgas Like-a-... 2015/03/26 01:52:24
    asff cgas
    Same here bruh I know how u feel
  • abbie gibbons 2013/01/27 22:23:34
    abbie gibbons
    I got grounded for my friends getting caught with drink at a park by the police but i wasnt one of them drinking but the police took my name and they sent me a letter noow my parentts say im grounded and i dont know how long foor?how will i change there minds?
  • KieraAl... abbie g... 2013/12/14 05:14:51
    Idk ur kinda busted what u did was wrong try aooligizing alright
  • jessica abbie g... 2014/05/03 23:55:17
    That's wat happened to me now I'm super mad at my parents because they made me miss my prom so I don't now wat to do because the just keep saying ur grounded tell further notice and I don't now how long that is they act like its hard to just how long ur grounded for!!
  • Wildabeast abbie g... 2015/04/16 00:42:23
    Just remember, 'you are who you hang out with' doesn't matter if you were doing wrong... You were still around them while it was happening
  • neveah 2012/08/07 18:14:35
    life is not fair im 12 and i know this has nothing to do with grounding but my parents let me cus and date but they let my little sister thats 9 were makeup they dont let me it sux so like i take the bus and the bus comes at 8:30 and my mom and dad have to leave at 6:00 to go to work and take my sis to school so when they leave im going to put on makeup and then school ends at 3:45 and mom and dad work till 5:30 and ill go home and take the makeup off should i do it or not?
  • Girlies neveah 2012/08/30 18:49:29
    that makes no sense that your little sister can wear make up and you cant. I would most definitely wear it.
  • jet neveah 2012/09/01 15:04:45
    I got grounded for freakin leaving the house lol it sucks whatever I do she won't unground me but if I were you I would do the same you just cause I went to my friends house
  • kat neveah 2013/11/14 01:57:13
  • KieraAl... neveah 2013/12/14 05:19:18
    Take it off & keep it off I know its nor fair but its better 2 do the right thing than do somthin & then feel guilty u know
  • neveah 2012/08/06 21:49:28
    i got grounded for dateing it sucks
  • Girlies neveah 2012/08/30 18:50:03
    got grounded for hooking up with guys at a party cuz my mom found out ... AWKS
  • Amanda ... neveah 2013/06/17 19:16:15
    Amanda Perez
    yeah.... learned from experience, always come clean to your parents when you start dating. Even if they say no it's probably for a good reason. But take it slow they'll come around

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