How do i tell my parents i like to wear thongs and panties

dennis 2011/09/28 19:12:16
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i love wearing women's thongs and panties and i usually take my step moms but i wan a be able to tell them i like to wear women's underwear and not have to take hers...i would buy my own thongs but i don't have the money too
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  • Jake - 4Q2 2011/09/28 19:30:43
    Jake - 4Q2
    Do you really think that your parents care, that this is any of their business, or that they WANT you to share this information with them?

    Buy your own damned underwear.
  • dennis Jake - 4Q2 2011/09/28 19:33:26
    i can't afford it though
  • Jake - 4Q2 dennis 2011/09/28 19:35:38
    Jake - 4Q2
    Yes you can. Just tell your Step Mom or your Dad that you would rather buy your own underwear from now on and could they please just give you the money to do so from now on.

    See how damned easy that was?
  • dennis Jake - 4Q2 2011/09/28 19:37:28
    they wouldn't just give me money
  • Jake - 4Q2 dennis 2011/09/28 19:39:16
    Jake - 4Q2
    Did you ask? No? Then you don't KNOW do you?
  • dennis Jake - 4Q2 2011/09/28 19:40:25
    yes i do because iv tried that before if they give me money they wan a se what i buy
  • Jake - 4Q2 dennis 2011/09/28 19:42:22
    Jake - 4Q2
    So SHOW them, that will solve your "problem" of telling them, and they will NEVER ask again.
  • dennis Jake - 4Q2 2011/09/28 19:45:31
    but thus zoo embaresing
  • Jake - 4Q2 dennis 2011/09/28 19:47:00
    Jake - 4Q2
    And discussing it with millions of strangers isn't?

    Just get a damned job and buy your own panties.

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