How do I know you're for real?

E.G. 2008/05/29 22:31:50
You can tell I'm real because...
Why would anyone else want to be me?
Haha, you got me, I'm...
AI? Does not compute! Danger Will Robinson!
Don't you remember me from Men in Black with Will Smith?
Dopplegangers are people too! People you recognize!
Nah, you just had bad 'shrooms on the pizza you ate.
It's ok, put this on while we buckle the sleeves in the back.
None of the above
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Ok, this just sort of popped into my head. It happens. But now that it's there I have to ask: Are you for real? A real person? Not somebody masquerading as you, an artificial intelligence program, or a hallucination? HOW would I know? By the way, if you are, that's cool too. *grin*
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  • America... E.G. 2008/06/06 03:47:21
  • Punk 2008/05/29 22:41:52
    Nah, you just had bad 'shrooms on the pizza you ate.
    Stay away from the moldy pizza.

  • E.G. Punk 2008/05/29 22:45:28
    I found a combination of bad "Meat Lovers" from Dominos (and a fifth of cheap vodka) has the same effect. *grin*
  • Ed© 2008/05/29 22:40:40
    None of the above
  • E.G. Ed© 2008/05/29 22:43:00
    Going with Elmo? Now that's SMOOTH. *grin*
  • Miss Lori 2008/05/29 22:39:25
    None of the above
    Miss Lori
    How do you know I'm NOT?
  • E.G. Miss Lori 2008/05/29 22:44:11
    Would you like me to answer that, or are you just being witty and charming? *grin*

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