How did the name "Bill" come from the name "William?"

Your friendly neighborhood stalker 2009/08/26 16:17:17
You already have "Will," why do you need "Bill?" And where did the B come from?
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  • Billewim 2011/03/03 12:32:31
    i am billewim is there anything u want to ask ????
    it's a nickname in holland bille means ass so it's asswim why ???
    because i like lady's butts so....................
  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2009/08/28 03:01:32
    I'm pretty sure the name Billiam just fell into disuse, and people kept confusing Will and Bill. But I'm no expert. I just know a guy named Billiam and that's what he says.
  • JohntheChristian 2009/08/26 23:43:02
    A wizard (also referred to as a biz)
  • The guy with Billy May's icon. 2009/08/26 21:53:43
    The guy with Billy May's icon.
    A guy named William thought Billiam would sound gangsta but people said he was douche so to avoid flaming he said his name is really Bill.
  • Paint it Black 2009/08/26 21:31:00
    Paint it Black
    i have no clue
  • Whitney17:):)<3 2009/08/26 18:31:17
    some stupid idiot named william like will so he deicided to b even stupider and called him self bill!!
  • Munchie ~Unbreakable 2009/08/26 17:21:23
    Munchie ~Unbreakable
    Nicknames are typically a shortened form of the full name; however, names that begin with a vowel or semi-vowel often have a consonant substituted for the first letter, rendering the nickname easier to pronounce. The "W" in "William" is a semi-vowel; the shortened form, "Will" still (obviously) begins with a semi-vowel; the "W" is replaced by a consonant, "B", to make it easier to say.

    I couldn't think of anything funny about it....
  • Neal 2009/08/26 17:00:03
    I have no clue. I have 2 uncle Bill's so I call on Uncle Bill and the other Uncle Billiam?
  • xFenikkusux 2009/08/26 16:37:16
    Right now, all I can tell you is that the name William is of Germanic origin from the Norman language. I was able to look up the name origin quickly, but that's all I found. From that, I can tell you Norman (Norman French) is Latin based. Latin does not have a "w" in its language. Instead, it has "v" which is pronounced like "w" in the English language. It is then my speculation that "b" would have been closest in pronunciation in Latin to the English "v" especially when when directly proceeded by a vowel. You can make the connections from there, right?
    I'm not one hundred percent sure on this, it's only a guess. I can do some more research and when I find the answer I'll let you know. (It may be a while...)
  • Your fr... xFenikk... 2009/08/26 16:38:50
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    Thanks for looking it up! :D
  • xFenikk... Your fr... 2009/08/26 16:45:26
    No problem. You've made me curious now. Another possibility is simply that "Bill" is easier to say than "Will" When you say "Will" it's almost as if there's an "h" between the "w" and the "i" which draws it out a bit more while "Bill" is just short and straightforward in its pronunciation.
  • xFenikk... xFenikk... 2009/08/26 16:53:53
    Apparently i over-analyze everything. It seems Bill is only a nickname for William because it rhymes with Will which is short for Bill. How annoying. You'd think things like that would be more founded. But then again I guess it's really a thought process of "who really cares about nicknames, lets make one that's random and easy that will make people think "what the heck?" when they hear it." Ha. ^_^
  • Your fr... xFenikk... 2009/08/26 16:55:58
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    O.o LOL I would have thought it was much more complex too!
  • Linnaeus 2009/08/26 16:26:42
    Brought to you by the makers of the Robert->Bob converter. Order now and get a free Charles->Chuck converter at no extra charge.
  • Your fr... Linnaeus 2009/08/26 16:28:35
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    LOL XD How much can I get for Richard->Dick?
  • Linnaeus Your fr... 2009/08/26 16:34:38
    You'll have to pay extra for that one.
  • Your fr... Linnaeus 2009/08/26 16:34:59
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    Bummer. XD
  • Jen Of Me 2009/08/26 16:25:29
    Jen Of Me
    Well, this is how I think it happened:
    Some guy was drunk and instead of calling his friend Will he kept calling him Bill.
    I guess it was catchy. :P
  • Jessie 2009/08/26 16:18:49
    it comes form Billewim... LOL... I don't know
  • Melian Nienor 2009/08/26 16:18:43
    Melian Nienor
    I don't know where the B came from but I see the ill xD
  • Amber 2009/08/26 16:18:43
    ummm, somebody was bored and they put a random letter there?

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