How could Obama's father be from Kenya, in 1961, when Kenya didn't exist until 1963.

steve~pwcm~jla 2011/05/10 01:34:11
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See the certificate attached. It states his father is from Kenya. Kenya didn't become a country until 1963. This raises even more of a serious question. What is this document? I could care less as I won't vote for him but this is even worse than no document at all.
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  • Theresa 2011/05/10 20:49:19
    Of course ,you would think as president that he would at least have someone produce something that could pass scrutiny...
  • Ken 2011/05/10 16:09:40
    Wasn't he a British citizen by colonization
  • sglmom 2011/05/10 06:26:39
    Questions upon questions upon questions ..
    This TANGLED Web .. with all the inconsistencies and MORE questions ..
    Just gets Worse and WORSE .. (and it even conflicts with the original released document too).
  • jeane 2011/05/10 03:18:03
    Since 1920 Kenya was called Kenya Colony it was named for Mt. Kenya.
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2011/05/10 03:11:51
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    Up until December 1963 it was know as a part of British East Africa.
  • Joshua Konopka 2011/05/10 02:39:37 (edited)
    Joshua Konopka
    it became independent in 1963 it was founded centuries before the 20th century next time do two seconds of research. http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/... in there it says that it became independent DEC.12 '63 but I like how you're trying to get him out of office in a different way;)
  • Albannach 2011/05/10 02:19:16 (edited)
    Kenya was a British colony, it was called Kenya for many many years before 1961, the Republic of Kenya was formed in 1963, when it gained independence from the UK which is quite different.

    I think that's where your getting confused. Previous to that a person born in Kenya was still called a Kenyan even before it became a republic.

    Prior to 1963 the place of birth on a birth certificate was just Kenya, after 1963 the place of birth would be The Republic of Kenya. I'm not an American and have no axe to grind about Obama's nationality just giving the facts.

    birth republic kenya american axe grind obamas nationality facts old kenyan stamp
    Kenyan stamp from 1958 showing 3 shillings as the price as it was a British colony.

    facts kenyan stamp 1958 3 shilling price british colony old kenyan stamp
    Stamp from 1964 showing Republic of Kenya and using Cents instead of British Shillings.
  • jeane Albannach 2011/05/10 03:41:42
    True - Kenya is an ancient name for a very ancient Kingdom and civilization.

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