How can you tell the difference between a box turtle and a snapper?

Sparklee 2011/06/04 15:33:32
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It must be mating season.They are out all over the place. I picked up two this week that were crossing the road,The other day there was one that was huge and he was on the side of the road,ready to start crossing. I called animal control and they came and moved it.It was a snapper ,but he didn't look that different except for his size.I'm glad I didn't touch him.How do you tell for sure?Serious answers only please.
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  • METALheadMom 2011/06/04 16:50:07 (edited)
    Are you serious? Just type in both images in your search..... seriously. type images search type images search
    PRETTY OBVIOUS DIFFERENCES TO ME!! THE SHELLS are the dead give away - snapping turtles do NOT have smooth shells.
  • Sparklee METALhe... 2011/06/04 18:02:57
    It was a snapper and didn't look like the second turtle at all. He looked more like the first except his shell was all one color.
  • Prime Time Lime 2011/06/04 15:44:05 (edited)
    Prime Time Lime
    The snapping turtle has a large beak,sort of shaped like a parrots beak.It has a longer neck and will hiss at you like a snake.Also if it feels danger it will snap at you with a loud snapping sound.If you pick one up you need to have your hands far back on it's shell in order not to be bitten because of it's long neck.I caught a baby one,and a full grown one,and they need to be respected.The box turtle does not hiss and is quite docile ,and I have saved a few of these types from the road as well..
  • Sparklee Prime T... 2011/06/04 15:47:47
    This one wasn't hissing,but I will remember what to look for.Thanks so much for answering:)
  • Prime T... Sparklee 2011/06/04 15:51:05
    Prime Time Lime
    You are welcome.You will notice right away a snapping turtle for they will never let you pick them up.They give you a warning with their hissing.I picked up a very large one and the neck was so long it could reach about half way back on it's shell. :)
  • Sparklee Prime T... 2011/06/04 15:58:08
    That's what I heard.I was afraid to pick him up.He was so huge, I don't think I could have anyway's.I stayed with him until help arrived.Last week there was a big turtle dead in the middle of the road.I don't like to think about it.How do people hit turtles?It's like a big rock in the road that seem's hard to miss.Some people just don't care.I'm glad most do:)
  • Prime T... Sparklee 2011/06/04 16:07:29
    Prime Time Lime
    I try to save the turtles from the road as well.I do not like to see any animal,tame or wild,to get run over.
  • Imperio... Sparklee 2011/06/04 20:20:37
  • Prime T... Imperio... 2011/06/04 20:27:41 (edited)
    Prime Time Lime
    Apparently they can bite off a finger quite easily.I think they are predatory animals and are carnivores with males growing on the average 26 inch shells and weigh around 175 pounds.The one I picked up must have been young,and weighed about 75 pounds.
  • Imperio... Prime T... 2011/06/04 20:32:59

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