High school Girl Showers with boys. Was her punishment fair

CXRX 2011/07/23 00:30:31
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A high school valedictorian, stripped of her honor by school officials
after a shower with several male students she insists was just "good clean fun", is taking the school to court for what she considers overzealous punishment.

month, senior Leslie Shorb pulled all her clothes off and jumped into a
shower in the boy's locker room along with five naked male classmates.

She did it "for the heck of it, honestly," she told The Early Show Co-anchor Braynt Gumbel on Thursday.

"I didn't do it to prove a point or do anything like that," she said.

High School officials in southwestern Oregon didn't think the bare-all
coed shower stunt was funny, nor very becoming behavior of a
co-valedictorian representative of the school.

As punishment,
school officials suspended Shorb for 10 days and took away her privilege
of addressing her graduating class of 16 at the commencement ceremony.
She also was banned from after-school activities, the senior prom and
the senior trip to Mexico.

But the final insult, Shorb said, and
the reason the 18-year-old will take her argument to court, was when her
valedictorian standing was yanked.

"I thought I would be
given punishment, but like three days of in-school suspension. I had no
idea that it was going to be this severe,"
said Shorb. "I definitely wasn't expecting being stripped of my valedictorian status."

reason for the April 11 shower incident is a major point of contention
between Shorb and her co-valedictorian – who also happens to be her
cousin, Anna Shorb.

After Anna leaked the details of the
locker-room shower party to school officials, Shorb initially claimed
she did it because she wanted to show supervision was lacking at the
high school.

Anna contested her cousin's argument and Shorb since has said the nude encounter actually was a harmless prank.

But Shorb's shoulder-shrugging defense of the skin-baring affair has turned many in the community against her and her antics.

The Herald, a daily newspaper in nearby Everett, Ore., took an editorial stab on May 5 at the teen's decision to challenge her high school.

might surmise the only lack of supervision in this young woman's life
is that of parental and self. Shorb's behavior epitomizes the negative
stereotype of teens today - that of self-indulgent, reckless youth with
the moral sense of shrubbery.

"It will be difficult for her to
earn people's respect after this, if that's even what she wants. Then
again, perhaps she'll follow in the footsteps of America's favorite
millionaire bride, Darva Conger, and prove her point all the way to Hugh
Hefner's mansion."

The school superintendent, who also is
the principal, would not comment, saying he is prohibited by law from
talking about student records or disciplinary actions.

Shorb and
the five boys, also punished by being banned from extracurricular
activities, claim there was no hank-panky in the shower. And since
Powers is a small town with about 600 residents and they've all known
each other since childhood, they said the clothes-less encounter is no
big deal.

In fact, Shorb says the sextet had skinny-dipped together in nearby lakes and streams when they were younger.

As part of her defense, the teen-ager's attorney contends the girl's locker room was without soap at the time so she "went down to borrow some soap" from the boy's shower.

Hans Schmidt said he will file a temporary restraining order in an
Oregon court against the school board to seek immediate re-instatement
of her title as co-valedictorian.

"Nowhere in the history of
jurisprudence within a school set have they gone to this extreme amount
of punishment that they've handed down in this situation,"
Schmidt, who also represented infamous ice skating Olympian Tonya
Harding and currently lists Paula Jones, President Clinton's accuser, as
a client.

He added, "It's a material right. It's not a
privilege as they're trying to portray it. This is a right that she won
on the merit of her grade point average."

Shorb, whose grade
point average hovers near a perfect 4.0, has received a scholarship to
attend Oregon State University and said she plans to enroll for this

Asked if the university has reconsidered accepting her as a student due to her recent notoriety, Shorb said, "They haven't sent me any denial or anything like that."
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  • Wonder ... Dum Luk 2011/07/23 16:16:12
  • Florence Doucet 2011/07/23 08:12:43
    Florence Doucet
    Honestly it was just a shower, at most she should have got detention. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.
  • CXRX Florenc... 2011/07/23 13:44:15
    if it was a boy that jumped into the girls shower, he would have been arrested and charged for a sexual crime !
  • Wonder ... CXRX 2011/07/23 16:14:32
  • Caedus01 Sith Lord of the P... 2011/07/23 08:12:03
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    I can see where people say it was an overreaction and in some ways it is, BUT you have to put yourself in the administration's position. That situation had the potential to become a VERY horrible story. If they wouldn't have set a precedent by dropping the hammer a pattern may have been set and eventually a few bad apples will get that WHOLE district sued and vilified because they looked the other way. A sort of catch-22. So yes I think they should give her her hard earned awards, but i see why they punished her
  • Chukroast 2011/07/23 07:05:29
    But, I think she should have been allowed to keep the title of co-valedictorian as long as she was barred from addressing the graduating class.
  • CMac 2011/07/23 06:54:02
    This is silly. She earned it and it was not a big deal. These people must be really bored.
  • SimonYoungRoth 2011/07/23 05:11:18
    what's wrong with shower anyway...
  • Lilymoon 2011/07/23 04:14:05
    I just don't get the stupidity of people. If you are going to do something that you know if it's found out, there are going to be repercussions, then you better be prepared for the consequences.
  • Bobby 48 2011/07/23 04:10:31
  • bettyboop Bobby 48 2011/07/24 22:05:14
  • Bobby 48 bettyboop 2011/07/24 22:10:40
  • Crime Time 2011/07/23 03:46:43
  • Wonder ... Crime Time 2011/07/23 16:12:48
  • Crime Time Wonder ... 2011/07/23 20:15:35
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2011/07/23 03:06:58
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    If it had been a guy showering with girls, he would have been arrested. No double standards, people. Arrest her! She didn't belong in the boys lockers in the first place. I'm sure those five boys feel violated and ashamed after that pervert exposed herself to them and violated their privacy. She probably tried to sexually assault them. she's an embarrassment to her school. She should be stripped of her title of valedictorian, expelled from school, and forever saddled with the title of sex offender.. Just like a guy would have if he had jumped into the girls shower.
  • CXRX ☠ Live ... 2011/07/23 13:46:30
    agreed !!!
  • CXRX ☠ Live ... 2011/07/23 13:59:22
    I could not believe the results of the Casey Anthony trial ! im still in shock mode !
  • ☠ Live ... CXRX 2011/07/23 14:01:17
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    Same! We have such a corrupt justice system. No matter. Both her AND that PIG of an ambulance chaser, Jose BIASED will be taken care of eventually; by Karma. Nobody gets off Scott Free.
  • ☠ Live ... CXRX 2011/07/23 13:58:56
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    God, it just boils my blood to know that there are sick, perverted creeps on this Earth like that girl! They need to be locked up for life! Sickos! And the worst part, is that she probably won't get any time. It disgusts me how our justice system is so light on women. Case and point; Casey Anthony. Had she been a man she would have gotten life, or the death penalty. Women may make 75 cents to every dollar a man makes, but a woman can commit the same crime as a man and get a lighter sentence. I'd say the playing field is about equal.
  • Wonder ... ☠ Live ... 2011/07/23 16:09:09
  • ☠ Live ... Wonder ... 2011/07/23 16:12:05
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    Exactly. If you want to be treated as equal, you have to act like you deserve it. This girl is an immature little fool. I can't imagine how she managed to become valadictorian. The other kids in her class must have all been special Ed.
  • Wonder ... ☠ Live ... 2011/07/23 16:21:39
  • ☠ Live ... Wonder ... 2011/07/23 16:24:01
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    I hate skanks who use their bodies to get their way that think themselves "Liberated women". In reallity they are nothing more than glorified prostitutes. I think that that's where this girl is heading.
  • Wonder ... ☠ Live ... 2011/07/23 16:29:36
  • Wonder ... ☠ Live ... 2011/07/23 16:06:17
  • Wonder ... ☠ Live ... 2011/07/23 17:45:55
  • ☠ Live ... Wonder ... 2011/07/23 17:52:45
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    Well, idk about shutting down playboy; a lot of great authors got started with having their short stories or Nobel segments published in playboy. But I agree. :)
  • thegaln... ☠ Live ... 2011/07/23 18:59:07
    I wasn't going to go that far in that kids can do stupid things and sometimes the smarter the kid the stupider the action.....but I basically agree with you. She should be lucky that she wasn't arrested. No soap in the girls shower room... c'mon give me a break... we brought our own!
  • Tom 2011/07/23 02:43:51
    most certainly not
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2011/07/23 02:33:43
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    Not the high school valedictorian. She earned that. But the other stuff yeah. You gotta keep order in HS with hormones raging
  • Vision of Verve 2011/07/23 02:29:51
  • Metaldane 2011/07/23 01:49:17
    definently not its not like they had an orgy in the showers or anything in this day and age who really cares its just another of many things that younger people dont mind doing co ed
  • Wonder Woman 2011/07/23 01:15:15
  • Winney Wonder ... 2011/07/23 02:36:53
    It was one incident and yhu let tht affect her whole reputation. To be valedictorian don't yhu have to earn it and be top of the class. If she's top who would she cheat off of. And I say that with the upmost respect, I don't want to cause a fight
  • Wonder ... Winney 2011/07/23 02:55:51 (edited)
  • Winney Wonder ... 2011/07/23 03:00:19
    Oh wow I don't care
  • Michael McFascist 2011/07/23 01:13:13
    Michael McFascist
    yea, a little excessive I'd say.
  • Bothergirl 2011/07/23 01:04:11
    All but her Valedictorian honors should have been stripped. She earned the grades. That is all that one needs to qualify.

    She was very wrong to do what she did. She could have gotten raped. What has gotten into people these days where something like this happens and we are supposed to think that it's just good fun. Who the heck raised her? If she wanted to shower with the guy she should have done it off school grounds. As far as I know any sexual act in a public school would be grounds for arrest.
  • Amasaman Bothergirl 2012/01/20 15:13:25
    She could have gotten raped while skinny dipping with them also, but she didn't. These are small town friends that all know each other, and all probably understood it as the joke that it was portrayed to be. Those in the shower all probably had a good laugh with each other. It's the prudes in the administration that took offense with the over the top punishment.

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