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Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas 2009/11/03 18:30:39
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  • Lord Nils 2009/11/03 22:49:38
    Lord Nils
    Write down this number and report to your Kommissar at the nearest railroad station.
    Don't forget warm clothes and a shovel!

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  • ♥~Rainbow~♥ 2009/11/07 12:10:59

    I went through as much as the quiz as I could stand...... my accumulated result was ...... uhmmmmmm.... I could pick out the Socailist scuzballs well enough.....wow... Hillary .. Hitler and Obama surely have much in common.....

    Marxist's stand to the left...........

    Freedom lovers....... hang on the right....... ; ))
  • USAF Vet Dan 2009/11/04 19:37:37 (edited)
    USAF Vet Dan
    A couple more...

    "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

    __ Osama bin Laden
    __ Barrack Obama
    __ Saddam Hussein
    __ Louis Farrakhan

    “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

    __ Winston Churchill
    __ Ronald Reagan
    __ Margaret Thatcher
    __ Ron Paul

    "The only good government is no government at all."

    __ Ihr Hase
    __ Abbie Hoffman
    __ Timothy Leary
    __ Spongebob Squarepants
  • Ihr Has... USAF Ve... 2009/11/05 12:57:23
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    Ayn Rand was the first to say that second one...
    That last one is familiar, but the quiz is about socialist quotes....

  • USAF Ve... Ihr Has... 2009/11/05 17:32:08
    USAF Vet Dan
    You win ten minutes in the ring with Obama - no gloves, no rules, no refs!!!
  • Ihr Has... USAF Ve... 2009/11/05 18:58:28
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    Now now that would be a hate crime....
  • USAF Ve... Ihr Has... 2009/11/05 19:06:00
    USAF Vet Dan
    No, an act of love.... love of country!
  • sglmom 2009/11/04 07:17:27
    OH ... my ....
  • 1oct1 "Marko" 2009/11/04 03:39:11
    1oct1 "Marko"
    I liked being wrong more than right.
    Answers were great and who would have thought....wow.
    Hil-dog came up a lot.
    Thanks for this and great post.
  • devontae jones 2009/11/04 02:08:31
    devontae jones
    The best of the Communist and Fascist world stack up well with our 'Democratic Leaders'.

    Excellent Post!
  • mach-1 BL-106 2009/11/03 23:53:26
    mach-1  BL-106
    Man Hillary is a BIG ass socialist.....WOW!
    And right behind her is Obama....which I knew.
    Amazing facts on these traitors...Thanks
  • Lord Nils 2009/11/03 22:49:38
    Lord Nils
    Write down this number and report to your Kommissar at the nearest railroad station.
    Don't forget warm clothes and a shovel!
  • a 2009/11/03 21:09:47
    Very interesting indeed.
  • guinnessman 2009/11/03 20:07:34
    WoW...{{Chin hits the floor}}
  • Ihr Has... guinnes... 2009/11/03 22:24:29
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    Are we surprised these people are in office?

    Or are we beginning to understand that no matter the choosing process these people are in government???

    Or are we seeing why it is that I am an anarchist????
  • guinnes... Ihr Has... 2009/11/03 23:57:57
    I have known for a while that our government has been slowly taken over by socialists...it's just amazing how closely they ACTUALLY follow the doctorine.

    We need real change and Obama is not it.
  • Ihr Has... guinnes... 2009/11/04 05:00:57
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    It is not slowly taken over by socialists, these people are just honest about it in a sense....

    What do you call a nation that allows a Central Government to regulate trade?
  • ♥~Rainb... Ihr Has... 2009/11/07 12:14:14
    Nope...not surprised

    we have no choice... it is what it is

    Hey Harry....... can i get a coconut? lol
  • Ihr Has... ♥~Rainb... 2009/11/07 15:01:45
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    "we have no choice... it is what it is "
    That is what the slaves thought... it is why they obey in the end...
  • ♥~Rainb... Ihr Has... 2009/11/11 04:28:14
    you know full well what i meant.....

    we have no choice ... we have no choice because the citizens... let alone the people of the world ... do not give a flying FUCK! not that we don't literally have a choice... we do... but too many people with their fucking bark-o-lounger lazy mother fuckin attitudes make it damn near impossible to shake up the pot......... we are but a few... the apathetic morons rate high on the scale... fight them ... not me... we are on the same page... yet again i must say this

    i do not depend on those lazy ... good for nothings to secure any liberty for me....... i will not obey... and i will fight...... i am realistic about it... not caught in the utopian ideal of a FREE people.... my friend that is not reality.... at least as of now....

    why do you insist on trying to manipulate my words to fit your thought process? just wonderin'
  • Ihr Has... ♥~Rainb... 2009/11/11 06:38:08
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    I am not manipulating them, I am pasting them as they are printed and remarking my thoughts on them...

    Like I have told you before, I do not care about "other people", why would I concern myself with those already dead, just because they have not the sense to lay in the ground does not make them alive?

    For you realism is replacing a broken system with another system, and the one you choose is the one that broke to become this...

    Utopia denotes it will be paradise, I am not preaching for paradise, only the only method for responsibility....
  • gr8punkin 2009/11/03 19:38:24
  • Max 2009/11/03 19:09:20
    Packing my suitcase and got my shovel ...lol
  • Daveman 2009/11/03 19:08:19
    Wow. I got a few but WOW....Unreal... Damn collectivist scum!

  • Ihr Has... Daveman 2009/11/03 19:16:47
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    You have to click on all the answers, they are hilarious...
  • Daveman Ihr Has... 2009/11/03 19:19:52
    i did, on most...They cracked me up. I am passing that one on.
  • marquise 2009/11/03 18:55:57
  • JANE 2009/11/03 18:46:55
  • Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas 2009/11/03 18:31:47
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    Please click on all the answers....

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