Haven't logged on to SodaHead for almost 3 months, what have I missed?

SAM 2010/02/19 17:58:02
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  • happybunnylvr 2010/03/17 13:54:53
    well, if itmakes you feel any better, i haven't logged on for 6 mos.
  • Trish 2010/02/26 01:01:24
  • Dillio 2010/02/26 00:54:10
  • ♥Nicole Lesliet♥ 2010/02/22 15:01:20
    ♥Nicole Lesliet♥
    nothing muchh. Lol. Whyy would you ask??
  • Barb 2010/02/21 04:50:01
    I haven't been on much either, husband has had more cancer stuff, it'es 4 different kinds now. Has to have another operation in March. Welcome back & what have you been doing?
  • Budge 2010/02/20 21:53:58
    You've missed a lot and you've missed nothing. Just pick up from here. WELCOME BACK, HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, etc.
  • Texas Lia 2010/02/20 16:03:41
    Texas Lia
    Bunch of junk, I'm not liking all the stuff anymore.
  • Ms Missy 2010/02/20 15:42:15
  • oldcavpilot 2010/02/20 15:15:58
    Nada. Same-o same-o. Welcome back, SAM.
  • Lynn 2010/02/20 14:57:28
    Nothing other than some changes that prevent a lot of peoples' browsers from working properly.
  • Wiston 2010/02/20 01:14:21
    Welcome back Sam...What is new, I have no idea, I haven't been on for a long while eaither.
  • lee 2010/02/19 20:57:29
    Time flies. I wonder how old you have to get to find some spare time.
  • FAN 2010/02/19 20:57:06 (edited)
    WB Sam wb sam
  • bigfoot 2010/02/19 20:31:41
    welcome back.Soda Head is like the SOAPS.you can leave for years.and pick up where you left off
  • ►Cesar◄ 2010/02/19 19:35:43
    don't know
  • S.Sif:* 2010/02/19 18:52:20
    Same here :P
  • Barb 2010/02/19 18:34:38
    You have missed nothing - it is the same old "they are dirt bags" - "no, they are bigger dirt bags." I almost removed myself fro this site. Welcome back.
  • Anita 2010/02/19 18:25:48
    well, feel a little depressed with the death of my mother
  • Barb Anita 2010/02/19 18:32:25
    I am so sorry. I know the feeling and all I can say is that the feeling of depression will go away. The heavy sadness will transform into a softer sense. My mother died in 1994 and there are still days that i get this urge to call her. It is then that I know she is with me. When thoughts of her come out of the blue or I dream about her, I consider that a "visit" and am no longer depressed but heartened that she is still around me. God bless you.
  • Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm... 2010/02/19 18:05:51
    Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm♥☮♥∞
    Wow..... where should we start?
    welcome back Sam.....♥

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