Has Obama ever built ANYTHING?

airplanespaceship 2012/09/17 04:54:51
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Middle East Mayhem: Congrats Obama,You Built That

Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Remember back in the beginning of 2011 when Obama told us about the freedom lovers in Egypt and Libya living under the oppression of dictators and needing our immediate help to establish democracy in their fair lands?

You do? So do I. How weird. We should become best friends. Facebook me.

Anyway … it turns out that the “freedom lovers” Obama coerced lots of Americans to rally behind (and whom he also pimped out with billions of sawbucks from America’s pitiful piggy bank) were bat crap crazy.

I’m talking crazy on steroids crazy—and not just peaceful crazy like Joe Biden but rather hide-sharp-objects-from-them, menopausal wolverine sow crazy.

Yep, these “yearners for democracy” turned out to be radicals of radicals who’d like nothing more than to eradicate the U.S. and Israel and establish a global bounce house for all things Muslim.

Whoopsie, eh Mr. President? You kind of misjudged that one, señor.

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  • DavE 2012/09/17 08:08:35
    All of the above
    How can anyone not see he is the worst ever?
  • Apollo ~PHAET 2012/09/17 06:41:02
    All of the above
    Apollo ~PHAET
    Yeah, he built this shelf I use for all my Precious Moments Figurines. It's like the most best shelf I ever had. And I owe it all to President Obama.
  • maquignon 2012/09/17 06:13:19
    Only the destruction of the United States of America
    He is an expert at wasting money. He and his CLOSE friend Bill Ayres gave away 100 million for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. It was supposed to go to schools but it all went to their socialist organizations. Those socialist organizations allegedly helped the schools. None of it went directly to the schools. Then the two of them worked together on the Woods Foundation, a similar organization.
  • garyt212 2012/09/17 05:49:34
    All of the above
    The incompetent, clueless, inexperinced, fake, phoney and fraud anti-American raised in the middle east who in his global approach to governing considers America as the top 1% of the world population that has to be punished has done nothing but create class warfare, promoted socialism, weakened our economy, done his best to maintain our dependence on foreign oil, pissed away billions on failed, phoney green energy companies that have gone belly up, has accepted no responsiblity for his failed policies, beliefs and practices. What he has built is an enormous debt that future generations will have to deal with as well as the deterioration of the greatest nation this world has ever known!
  • Yoru 2012/09/17 05:10:21 (edited)
    All of the above
  • airplanespaceship 2012/09/17 04:57:10

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