Has anyone ever reacted with offence or horror to a joke you told them?

Dave The Canuck 2012/08/21 19:50:43
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  • Dave The Canuck 2012/08/21 20:05:51
    Dave The Canuck
    The following dialog (or something very similar) occurred between me and my mother on October 15, 2007:

    Me: I made up a music joke.

    Mum: Let's hear it.

    Me: You might find it a bit offensive.

    Mum: You telling an offensive joke?

    Me: Do you still want to hear it?

    Mum: I suppose.

    Me: (Telling the "joke")

    Mum: WHAT??!!! (few seconds pause, with face in horror and eyes wide) David, you ERASE that from your head right now. You tell that to a big audience and they're going to be REALLY offended.

    Me: Well, it's kind of a sick joke.

    Mum: How is that funny?

    Me: It's a satire of the Chinese obsession of having sons.

    Mum: You better trash that one.

    Me: I warned you you might find it offensive.

    Mum: Well yeah.

    Me: (Leaving the room).

    Mum: Wow! I'm surprised to hear that coming from you.
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2012/08/21 20:02:12
    I learned long ago that it is very important to have a good sense of who you are telling the joke to!

  • Sister Jean 2012/08/21 19:55:50

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