Has anybody's laptop broken?

KristinnC: 2012/03/14 02:09:32
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yuppC: many times
nopeee!!:P im luckyy
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Mine just broke:P its my rd one i broke this year!! i have bad luck!!!
so now i have to use my old one til 2 or 3 wks my new one comes!!!laptop broke
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  • emo42 2012/04/21 19:45:04
    nopeee!!:P im luckyy
  • Tina 2012/04/20 00:29:10
    yuppC: many times
    i have an acer. they have no idea how to make a goddamn computer. it got a viris within the first week, then the hard drive crashed and had to be replaced and then a little chip broke and now it won't charge
  • POWERSHAKER 2012/04/17 03:51:51
  • stevmackey 2012/04/17 03:30:51
    nopeee!!:P im luckyy
    Sorry about that.
  • Christi 2012/04/17 01:36:26
    yuppC: many times
    yes i have had several brake
  • AmericanVirus 2012/04/16 23:01:39
    yuppC: many times
    Well, one was a used laptop that I got from a teacher for free. I fixed it up, but it only lasted a short while.

    The other was a Mac that my brother found in the trash (he's a garbage man) that I fixed up as I needed someone of getting on the internet for the next 5 months. It worked, I abused it, it broke, then I took a hammer to it. Felt good. I hate Macs with a burning passion, I didn't like them before, but after that I will never go back.
  • 200% 2012/04/16 22:52:49
    yuppC: many times
    The laptop I used before this one did.
  • SlaveWaterNymph 2012/04/16 21:36:11
    yuppC: many times
    not many times, just once. And i'm just gonna shake my head on this.
  • imiejdoggydog 2012/04/16 21:11:20
    yuppC: many times
    i have
  • Kashee 2012/04/16 21:07:15
    nopeee!!:P im luckyy
    I even dropped it. I just put a bandaid on each corner. Thought it might get well faster.
  • 3dge Desire 2012/04/16 19:25:48
    nopeee!!:P im luckyy
    3dge Desire
    or its because i treat my laptop like ah diamond
  • Chanel 2012/04/16 19:20:48
    yuppC: many times
    I got really unlucky... The whole hard drive broke so my parents payed like $249 to fix it...
    I am going to be extra careful with it from now on!
  • MadAsHEck 2012/04/16 19:13:07
    yuppC: many times
    Many times before I got my HP G-70 3 years ago. Since then not a problem. Came with Xp, then I upgraded to Vista, Was Beta Tester for Win-7, and now running Win-7. Not a problem.
    Wife has an HP Notebook, same thing - runs great and solid as a rock.
  • Megz 2012/04/16 18:50:42
    yuppC: many times
    well sorta ( i get loadsa viruses on it and it's really slow compared to what it should be) :)
  • MadAsHEck Megz 2012/04/16 19:15:34
    If you have virusus, you need to get Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Keeps both my and my wifes Computer clean and fast.

    Also do a Defrag on your Hard Drive about once a Month. And look at all the programs you have on it. Over time a lot of crapware gets installed that slows you down as well.
  • Megz MadAsHEck 2012/04/16 19:26:54
    my dad does that while i go out to see my friends or watch tv :)
  • emobitch 2012/04/16 18:47:38
    yuppC: many times
    i throw them when they piss me off thats y they always break
  • MadAsHEck emobitch 2012/04/16 19:15:57
    What toully you expect then????
  • emobitch MadAsHEck 2012/04/17 18:34:30
  • The Winter Sodahead 2012/04/16 18:47:04
  • MadAsHEck The Win... 2012/04/16 19:17:38
    Hard Drives are easily replaced on Laptops. Be sure however you know what you are doing in regards to getting the new Drive up and running however. Backup any data, pictures etc before you change it, and then go for it.
  • gkirmani 2012/04/16 18:43:29
    nopeee!!:P im luckyy
    till yes I am LU+CY
  • Timetraveler 2012/04/16 12:22:20
    yuppC: many times
    My first laptop was a Toshiba Satellite, and the on off switch went bad, but the system was fine...xp but than I bought another Toshiba satellite with Vista and lost internet explorer in three weeks, and now the damn thing goes to pink screen from time to time, I can always tell when it will do that, because there is a green line that looks like something out of the Matrix!!lesson learned...never buy a computer from a place that doesn't offer tech support! (Office Depot)
  • Vitalani 2012/04/03 00:24:07
    yuppC: many times
    I spilled soda on mine after 3 years and they gave me a new one.
  • traveler818 2012/04/02 09:16:37
    yuppC: many times
    Are you actually serious? Broken? So far, they come broken with a useless warranty,
  • <3XXmiyuXX<3 2012/04/02 01:01:33
    nopeee!!:P im luckyy
    it never actually leave my desk, so... XD
  • travele... <3XXmiy... 2012/04/02 09:18:07
    Mine come broken out of the box--but the warranty doesn't cover that.
  • <3XXmiy... travele... 2012/04/02 12:40:07
    That's too bad... Sorry
  • travele... <3XXmiy... 2012/04/02 21:36:45
  • Honeybuns 2012/04/01 16:39:29
    yuppC: many times
    Yes my laptop is broke right now. The screen needs to be fix and some keys are missing.
  • KristinnC: Honeybuns 2012/04/01 19:40:16
    i hope uu fix it!C:same thing happen to me when i wrote this question
  • Honeybuns KristinnC: 2012/04/01 19:50:35
    Yeah it's being fix now.I should have it some time in april. It was sent to dell.
  • KristinnC: Honeybuns 2012/04/01 19:58:40
    good:D and yeah mine to they sended it to dell.
  • travele... Honeybuns 2012/04/02 09:19:43
    What year do you expect it back? I have dealt with Dell too.
  • Honeybuns travele... 2012/04/02 23:14:52
    This year you should send it to dell in india.
  • travele... Honeybuns 2012/04/03 01:04:54
    Having dealt with Dell, I was being sarcastic. They are horribly unresponsive and crooked. Apparently that is recent.
  • Honeybuns travele... 2012/04/03 21:01:06
    Oh ok sorry im not even good at being sarcastic. So i would not know when someone is being sarcastic.But when i have dealt with dell they were fast at fixing things.
  • travele... Honeybuns 2012/04/04 06:24:56
    It took me weeks and weeks just to get the computer, only to find out that the warranty I paid for is useless, I cant get a receipt, they lied in so many ways..I will leave it at that. Their reputation has been changing from great to crooked. All depends on how long you have had your computer.
  • Honeybuns travele... 2012/04/04 17:22:20
    Oh ok thanks
  • travele... travele... 2012/04/15 12:08:11
    I plan to call on Monday.

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