Hannah Montana Or Evanesance

Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Loves Connor <3 2011/01/30 16:01:35
Evanesance :) <3
Hannah Montana :) <3
All of the above
None of the above
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  • Miss Kris the Centrist 2012/10/03 07:34:11
    Evanesance :) <3
    Miss Kris the Centrist
    Is this a joke? I would sooner pick One Direction over Hannah Montana. -__-
    I like Evanescence, but they aren't my first pick.
  • Rosanna 2012/09/30 22:09:11
    Evanesance :) <3
    EVANESCENCE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rotten Apples 2012/09/30 01:00:07
    None of the above
    Rotten Apples
    they are both bands that suck but aimed at different kinds of demographics
    evanesance could win this one just by the fact that at a concert level the adults that attend would recognize mistakes and music disaffinity, on the other hand hannah's crowd would only mind if her voice doesnt sound like usual, if anything.

    you can tell how involved into music someone could be just by what they listen to, and it dont require mozzart to recognize that you dont need a Slash or Kirk Hammett to play any cords in any of montana's songs

    would not compare them to each other just by the fact that the sound and style
  • Essie 2012/09/29 18:38:33
    Evanesance :) <3
    Evanescence Forever!
  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2012/09/29 18:05:16
    Evanesance :) <3
    Why is this even a question?
  • Alex♥Adam 2012/09/29 12:32:59 (edited)
    None of the above
    Um... so you're comparing a band with a TV Show Character WTF.

    I'd rather go with HM though, cause it was part of my childhood :p Evanescence is too depressing most times and that's not needed *shrugs*
    But seriously, this is a dumb comparison.
  • The Lost Spirit 2012/09/29 10:37:17
    Evanesance :) <3
    The Lost Spirit
    y compair theas 2
  • WanderingWeirdly 2012/09/29 10:14:39
    Evanesance :) <3
    How is this even a question? o_O
  • ♥▀Acid Doll▀♥ 2012/09/29 09:23:46
    Evanesance :) <3
    ♥▀Acid Doll▀♥
    not even close O,.o thats like putting freddy kruger up against a carebear haha

    amy lee!! amy lee gif
  • AngelicMelody888 2012/09/29 08:44:24
    Evanesance :) <3
    Evanescence pulls ahead of Miley's alter ego by great, soul touching music. My personal favourite being Sweet Sacrifice or Tourniquet. I am not so sure this was a fair match up.... Lol.
  • Saga 2012/09/29 08:41:05
    Evanesance :) <3
    Eww Hannah Montana. xD
  • Kezzi Morris 2012/09/29 08:40:12
    Evanesance :) <3
    Kezzi Morris
  • the true lives of the fabul... 2011/01/31 16:40:41
    None of the above
    the true lives of the fabulous killjoys!
    something that rock but not these two...
  • Sarah E... the tru... 2011/01/31 16:41:41
    Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Loves Connor <3
    I Think Evanesance Rules!
  • the tru... Sarah E... 2011/01/31 16:43:06
    the true lives of the fabulous killjoys!
    yhh...they are and i like them, but they're not my favorite
  • Sarah E... the tru... 2011/01/31 18:11:35
    Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Loves Connor <3
    What about within Temptation??
  • the tru... Sarah E... 2011/01/31 18:14:49
    the true lives of the fabulous killjoys!
    ohh yhh definitely.... ohh yhh within temptation
  • SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duc... 2011/01/31 01:31:48
    Evanesance :) <3
    SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duchess]
    How can you even compare the two?
    Hannah Montana has nothing on Evanescence. NOTHING.
  • Sarah E... SamTheS... 2011/01/31 15:55:56
    Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Loves Connor <3
    I Know Hannah Is Diffrent Than Amy Amy Is Pretty!
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2011/01/30 18:54:54
    Evanesance :) <3
    My gosh yes, without a doubt. No Hannah, noooooo!!! >XO Yes Evanescence, yeeees!!! XD
    gosh doubt hannah noooooo xo evanescence yeeees xd evanescence dark
  • Sarah E... Nellie-... 2011/01/31 15:54:52
    Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Loves Connor <3
    Im Glad You Love Evanesance I L O V E Them :)
  • JARED30L 2011/01/30 16:34:39
    Evanesance :) <3
  • Sarah E... JARED30L 2011/01/31 15:55:13
    Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Loves Connor <3
    Good Cholce Mate :)
  • JARED30L Sarah E... 2011/01/31 20:26:27
    Thanxxxxxxxxx .... =)

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