Hair color for dogs, professional dog dying, stylish? Or abuse?

PixySix 2011/07/16 04:48:55
They wanted baby blue, it took my three tries, they got bably blue, this is human hair dye on a white chihuahua.
Or use food coloring which is extremely messy and washes right out. If the dog gets wet, it gets on your furiture, carpets, etc.
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I have been a groomer for several years. I promise my clients I can do whatever they want as long as it is safe for the dog. I live only about 40 miles fro Boulder where this law is in effect. A law this breast cancer activist was unaware of. So, what do you think? beet juice...food coloring...professional dog dye made by "Bed Head"...or human dye which has nothing different than the Bed Head products in the ingredients. Or...don't dye the dog for the owner who is asking you to do it the safe way by not attempting to do it herself at home and the dog could get sick from swallowing it, or getting it in their eyes Dogs are much more difficult to workk with, they are moving targets. At least this woman was a hairdresser and did her homework. Welcome to Boulder my friends. It's not all it's cracked up o be.

BOULDER, Colo. — Just about every product you can buy
is available in pink, or at least pink packaging, to raise awareness
and money for breast cancer research. But one hair stylist's move to
color Cici, her white poodle, pink for the cause has gone too far and
could cost her $1,000, authorities in Boulder said.

Joy Douglas, owner of Zing Hair Salon, will appear in
municipal court Tuesday on a charge of violating a city ordinance that
prohibits the coloring or dyeing of animals. It was passed several years
ago to discourage families from dyeing rabbits and chicks for Easter.

Lisa Pedersen, director of the humane society, said she's received complaints and they've warned Douglas several times.

Douglas is certain the pink stain doesn't harm Cici: She uses organic beet juice.

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  • wolf sloan 2011/07/16 05:39:16
    Or use food coloring which is extremely messy and washes right out. If the do...
    wolf sloan
    I wouldn't call it stylish nor abuse. Just effing weird.
  • PixySix wolf sloan 2011/07/16 15:25:23
    I am not the judge nor the jury lol...just the groomer ;)
  • wolf sloan PixySix 2011/07/16 16:03:05
    wolf sloan
    but that does not disqualify you from having an opinion.
  • PixySix wolf sloan 2011/07/23 13:41:09
    My opinion is...is it's not dangerous, and your dog is not traumatized, if it makes you happy, do it. Just do it with a groomer, someone who is totally qualified to dye a dog or a cat.
  • Eyebrowz² 2011/07/16 04:58:09
    They wanted baby blue, it took my three tries, they got bably blue, this is h...
    I dye my cats all the time with Manic Panic, it's vegan with all natural organic ingredients, no chemicals, safe for animals, and lasts a good while. My cats are perfectly healthy, well fed, well taken care of, well loved, and the process of dying them is as easy as giving them a bath.

    cats perfectly healthy fed care loved process dying bath manic panic vegan
  • PixySix Eyebrowz² 2011/07/16 05:14:02
    Which I used to use on my hair, but is so faint and will NOT take on a dog's course hair. Unfortunately Manic Panic is just not the cool dye to use anymore. Lots of variety in colors, but Splat is the one that sticks and will not wash right out. It also comes out the color that is shown on the box. But yeah, agreed, when I was a little punk rock kid..still am, but 20+ years ago I used Manic Panic. It's really all there was.
  • PixySix PixySix 2011/07/16 05:14:53
    I love that you dye your cats!
  • Eyebrowz² PixySix 2011/07/16 05:23:44 (edited)
    This is the only pic I have of one of them, she is different colors now though. It's not a very good pic, and she was faded alot by that point lol.

    pic colors
  • Eyebrowz² PixySix 2011/07/16 05:20:23
    I've been using it for over a decade now LOL, I've thought about trying other dyes, I did try Splat once, the color turned out, but it bled all over my skin and I had to scrub it off every day (not a fan of having a purple neck lol), so I'm a little apprehensive about using any other brands.
  • PixySix Eyebrowz² 2011/07/16 15:28:48
    Hydrogen Peroxide. Works every time. A nurse/groomer's secret for getting blood out of white things...like FUR. Common guys, I'm not a robot. Accidents happen. I just know better how to deal with them than the average groomer with my background. Yeah, Splat is my favorite.

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