Guys that like women feet. Why?

Smokey 2007/11/14 18:27:18
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  • Stiffy 2013/12/03 22:09:40
    None of the above
    I had no idea that some men "liked" women's feet until now! YUK.
  • Catch224u 2013/11/27 02:11:53
    None of the above
    Heck if I know.
  • Ed 2013/11/25 00:39:43
    Their cute toes
    But I do like women's feet and I pay attention to them not all of them are pretty, I don't like bony or veiny feet and I like women that take care of their feet, they should be soft not callused.
  • Th8nos 2013/11/24 09:25:34
  • Lorelei 2013/11/24 09:04:51
    I have no idea but a guy copied a picture of me from my FlickR account where I was lying on my stomach on my bed with my calves kicked up and the soles of my feet showing. He raved my soles, if you can imagine. When I went to his profile that was all he had, women's feet, mostly just the feet although he had all of me in my pic. I thought, oh, well, okay, it's not like I'm naked.

    Then I got notices from FlickR he was copying pics of my family and friends like the one I took of just my niece's feet barefoot at Myrtle Beach and one of my sister with her feet in sandals. I was not pro on that so I quickly made all my photos so only family could see them. He kept begging me to put more pics of my feet on my FlickR. I told him sorry, I don't have any more, besides one to a customer. But why he gets a charge out of this is beyond me, I can only say it sounds like a fetish.
  • laydeelapis 2013/11/24 01:43:52
    None of the above
    No idea but I'm enjoying reading the responses.
  • Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO 2013/11/24 01:24:26
    All of the above
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    black women s feet

    Not all toes are pink :D
  • XXMr.Scare99XX 2013/11/24 01:23:57
    None of the above
    Because this is such an old post.
  • GoDucks5 2013/11/24 01:22:26
  • Amine 2013/11/24 01:16:37
    None of the above
    The middle of the soles.
  • julian 2012/05/22 18:03:04
    Their cute toes
    Taste so gudd
  • Jack 2010/11/19 13:51:53
    None of the above
    The way they look in high heel sandals is best. Pumps are too concealing now.
    The curve of the arch; the shape of the toes, the texture & color of the skin (especially white in black shoes!), the smell of slightly sweaty but clean feet, the small size of them, however, the larger ones are just as sexy when they're proportionate. And DO dangle those shoes!
  • Smokey Jack 2010/11/19 22:01:09
    Wow Jack! You're the man! I agree 100% with you! Enjoy!
  • Wise guy 2009/08/30 03:22:34
    Wise guy
    I just like how pretty small feet look. Men are very visual and i guess a woman's feet is like a reflection on a woman's beauty. Visually it fits well to a woman's body, especially if she is in shape. The more a woman looks like a woman the more attractive... Beautiful feet is one of those things that is feminine looking.
    The arch and structure is appealing. it's like having shoes without wearing one.
    Thats why girls wear heels to make their feet look better.
  • Smokey Wise guy 2009/08/31 02:03:54
    I have to agree 100%!
  • Miss Graves 2009/08/27 14:56:38
    None of the above
    Miss Graves
    I know I'm not a guy, but I can throw in that it's really hard to say why womens' feet are attractive, they just are! Well, depends on the woman
  • Smokey Miss Gr... 2009/08/27 15:04:22
    Yes, it does, but MOST women have pretty feet.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • SoleLover82 2009/07/21 20:49:50
    Their soft pink soles
    The natural oder (not stinky) of feet drives me completely crazy.
  • lambergino 2009/05/28 20:09:07 (edited)
    All of the above
    Feet are sexy, its something natural I think. Women's feet can really give a man a HARD!!! And I would appriciate it if women understud this -need- and coperated, and had fun!
  • Smokey lambergino 2009/05/28 22:25:20
    I'm so glad my wife understands that. You can find many women that will understand it. Don't listen to the nay sayers.
  • kevracer 2008/09/26 20:51:28
    All of the above
    feet are sexy.........
  • brandon 2008/04/15 03:09:54
    Their cute toes
    i love how they wiggle and i can tickle them
  • Smokey brandon 2008/04/15 19:05:49
    Um, those are little babies feet. All little babies have cute feet. :)
  • SoleLov... brandon 2009/07/21 20:53:43
    If u like those feet of such little girls in a sexual way...then u have serious issues than just footfetish.
  • Smokey SoleLov... 2009/07/22 14:28:02
    Amen to that...
  • Jen**GPAC** 2008/03/07 17:03:12
    You've got me on this one..
  • Smokey Jen**GP... 2008/03/08 18:00:20
    What do you mean? There are some men that like women with pretty feet. I'm sick and tired of some people thinking that people that like that are weird and strange.
  • Tim/Filmers Dream Studios 2007/12/20 05:48:02
  • Smokey Tim/Fil... 2007/12/20 14:04:52
    Same here, and I'm sick and tired how some people think it's strange because we like them.
  • laydeel... Smokey 2013/11/24 01:46:24
    Do people think it's strange? It's one of the most common fetishes out there...
  • Piglet 2007/11/14 19:20:21
    None of the above
    I don't know why. I in particular hate feet. I just hate them!
  • Smokey Piglet 2007/11/15 13:17:37
    Usually guys have foot fetishes more than women. Guys feet are ugly. :)
  • Dr. DOOM Smokey 2007/11/20 13:35:06
    Dr. DOOM
    hold on not true always at least not mine'
  • Smokey Dr. DOOM 2007/11/20 14:34:35
    Funny. :) I was only teasing.
  • Dr. DOOM Smokey 2007/11/20 17:20:45
    Dr. DOOM
    i use to know some women with ugly and i mean ugly deform looking feet but i never said anything about'...did'nt have too, they let me know they had ugly feet , but i still did'nt say a thing.
  • playback.junkie 2007/11/14 18:35:04
    i have no idea - the last guy i was with took my socks off first - weeird haha :D
  • Smokey playbac... 2007/11/14 18:36:18
    It's not werid, trust me. :)
  • playbac... Smokey 2007/11/14 18:37:35
    was for me!! haha :D
  • Smokey playbac... 2007/11/14 18:40:00
    Okay, I can deal with that, but there are some women that love for guys to pay attention to their feet. There's nothing weird about anything unless it causes harm to someone. Intimacy comes in many forms.
  • playbac... Smokey 2007/11/14 18:51:30
    haha okay.. actually getting a foot rub is quite nice but not when all the attention goes there ;D haha

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