GUYS ONLY! There seems to be plenty of underage girls on-line (even here) flirting and talking dirty to older guys. Are they really underage girls or are they......

BRADY969 2008/05/04 16:20:16
Gay dudes trying to fool the stupid
Undercover cops ready to bust the perverts
They really are underage girls and need their parents to pay attention to them. Hint, Hint Mom and Dad...TALK TO YOUR KID!
I've never had a underage girl flirt with me on-line
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  • FanOreilly 2008/05/04 17:42:34
    Gay dudes trying to fool the stupid
    Every time I see an avatar of a young, hot woman, I know it's a fat 40 year-old dude.

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  • Red 2009/03/02 17:48:42
    None of the above
    Its a 48 yr old, 430lb bi-sexual fat guy that works at jack'n-the-box and lives in his mothers basement or the back bedroom of the trailer in Alabama. He hasn't bought a new pair of whitey-tighties in seven years and the ones he has have holes in them. The spaces between the keys on his keyboard are caked in with Cheeto dust and spilled Code Red Mtn.Dew. He doesnt brush his teeth, and only bathes on saturdays.
    This is the under age girl that is trying to flirt with you. Have Fun.
  • scotty 2009/01/06 00:45:18
    None of the above
    yet all of the above. real underage girls flirting with older doods would probably list their age as 18.
  • Wayne 2009/01/02 13:00:27
    None of the above
    Actually I should think 'All of the above".

    Stear clear and keep your thoughts and expressions honorable and you should have no trouble. stear clear expressions honorable trouble
  • tallChristian 2008/11/23 19:50:44
    I've never had a underage girl flirt with me on-line
    With this not officially being a dating site there are no controls on who can join. With some of the topics on here there should be some controls in place because sodahead does have members under 18.
  • MaxxaM 2008/11/04 01:41:59
    Undercover cops ready to bust the perverts
    fat old PERVERTS!! lol
    i think adults cant be online, they need to watch TV or die of old age already lol
    hey im underage and i get hit on by chicks my age ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!
  • W.J.S. 2008/09/13 15:10:12
    Undercover cops ready to bust the perverts
    But it could be 'all the above'.
  • Hobo 2008/09/11 03:16:28
    Gay dudes trying to fool the stupid
    Gay blast from the present.
  • soper 2008/09/08 22:43:16 (edited)
    None of the above
    I think , if you are geting all hot and bothered by the prospect of some young girl talking to you, and, in reality, you have no clue who it is, you should use the same method of entertainment and sign up on forums twice, then flirt with yourself.... The payoff is three fold,
    1st, you get to hear only what you want someone to say....
    2nd, you can say whatever you want and you won't offend
    anyone because the sudo person has all the same interests forums flirt payoff fold 1st hear 2nd offend sudo person

    3rd, you finally get to spend all your time with the girl of your dreams...
  • Jimmy P 2008/09/08 19:56:00
    None of the above
    Jimmy P
    It's REAL underage girls who are being WHORES.
    End of story.
    Not even parents can help some of these cases. But I SUPPOSE it could help.
    But even if it doesn't, the parents always get blamed. Even if they don't know.
    So, all you little lying brats out there trying to chat up the older guys, back down.
    We don't like you.
    Almost EVER.
    You have no boobs.
  • Lanie Jimmy P 2008/10/21 21:39:32
    no underage girls should not be acting like whores ....but you sound like a child by sying things like you have no boobs :) seriously....
  • Jimmy P Lanie 2008/10/21 22:26:37
    Jimmy P
    It's nice of you to assume us guys aren't shallow, and aren't initially attracted to those things on girl's chests....
    But that's what gets us involved before we discover the age problem.
    Younger girls, who ARE attracted to older guys, are very 1 dimensional. And the only reason us guys keep 1 dimensional girls around are "looks".
    Boobs = "looks".
    hence, I'm logical, not childish. XD
    *No I don't thing boobs are all that matter when it comes to looks... I'm putting my own gender on a stereotype bus.*
  • Lanie Jimmy P 2008/10/22 22:08:04
    yes but u r making comments about young girls boobs and also putting them down while saying it so hence u r not being logical u r being childish XD
  • Jimmy P Lanie 2008/10/24 02:07:25
    Jimmy P
    I'm making a statement the average guy is unwilling to make, but all too willing to believe.
    Hence, I'm being logical. XD
    This is fun lol
  • Lanie Jimmy P 2008/10/28 20:42:34
    while that being true i'm sure there is also the one tiny detail that not all underage girls have small breasts ...underage does not equal no boobs......that's more logical then what u said furthermore the statment should not of even made it's way in to your argument because it makes u come off as childish not logical

    and sterotyping is not logical because it's based on a opinion that stuck ...while logical would be more on the factual side
  • Jimmy P Lanie 2008/10/29 03:05:34
    Jimmy P
    The first thing people see is the physical attractiveness of the person.
    Regardless of what we look for, we see that first, then we can look for more. Most guys who talk to the younger girls aren't looking for much more than a fling. Guys who are really looking for love with a young girl on myspace are weird.
    And if the guys who are "verbally molested" by the younger girls don't want them, it's probably because they weren't attractive enough.
    It's so easy to be someone ELSE on the internet that the pictures do all the talking. You can tell alot about a person from how many, and what kinds of, pictures they have.
    *yes, I know underage doesn't equal no boobs, my friend lacy has had DD since like, 8th grade.*
  • Lanie Jimmy P 2008/10/29 23:08:34
    ok then there's no reason to go on with this argument . haha
  • Jimmy P Lanie 2008/10/30 02:03:47
    Jimmy P
    You can win this one. lol.
    I just babbled through most of it.
  • Lanie Jimmy P 2008/10/30 19:45:25
    haha u had a good argument but i agree i won haha : )
  • CitizenErased 2008/09/06 22:54:47 (edited)
    They really are underage girls and need their parents to pay attention to the...
    They're definitely underage girls for the most part...sure there are a few weirdos, but most of the time it's just naive little girls that have no idea what they could be getting themselves into.
  • NOPOTUS "In God We Trust" 2008/09/06 04:46:09
    None of the above
    NOPOTUS  "In God We Trust"
    if their parents aren't talking to them then step up to the plate.
    a guy telling a young girl to respect herself could go a long ways.
    They think this is the way to get a guy. Sides they're still kids.They need time to BE kids.
    And could be undercover cop too.As many times as they caught those guys on tv the next time there'd be more.You'd think they'd get it.

    spose some guys get an ego trip from having a young girl talk like that to them. I bet they'd think twice if that was THEIR daughter!
  • Sarahxrocksxo 2008/09/03 13:32:32
    Gay dudes trying to fool the stupid
    I know I don;t do that but this is what those "hot underage girls" probably look like. gay dudes fool stupid hot underage girls
  • Jimmy P Sarahxr... 2008/10/30 02:04:38
    Jimmy P
    He looks hungry. XD
  • Sarahxr... Jimmy P 2008/10/30 11:06:58
  • GnarleyMarlee 2008/09/01 09:12:37
    None of the above
    Where's the "Teenagers trying to cause trouble and have a laugh at an idiot's expense"?
  • Bitwise Operator 2008/06/09 21:36:36
    They really are underage girls and need their parents to pay attention to the...
    Bitwise Operator
    I assume they are who they say they are. I don't interact with them and I promptly remove any that show up on my profile with a respectful "thanks but no thanks".

    Older men shouldn't be messing with young girls or boys. It's illegal not to mention the actions of sick, cowardly pervets.
  • Mel 2008/06/09 20:43:06
    None of the above
    All of the above (lol)
  • alexander supertramp 2008/05/20 21:35:36
    None of the above
    alexander supertramp
    i could possibly be all of these, who knows the internet is so complicated now that u can make your self anyone, any age, any race and no one would kno
  • HOMSAR 2008/05/14 01:45:24
    None of the above
  • Ruel 2008/05/07 13:52:23
    They really are underage girls and need their parents to pay attention to the...
    Parents, tis is a cry for help. Talk to your children. We think of them of only being 3,4,5 years old. In a majority of the cases the are mature thanyou think. Talk to them as such.
  • ►Cesar◄ 2008/05/07 00:01:52
    They really are underage girls and need their parents to pay attention to the...
    I have
  • BOND007 2008/05/06 20:56:52
    They really are underage girls and need their parents to pay attention to the...
    and most of them just need someone to listion to them like mom or dad but they might be a person with no freands too but i think there are alot of under age girls online that just need someone to listion to them
  • gamman 2008/05/06 19:46:57
    Undercover cops ready to bust the perverts
    our federal tax dollars saving us from ourselves
  • ibiza 2008/05/06 17:05:11
    None of the above
    Actually I think all of the above, but there was no option for that.
  • Teesha 2008/05/06 16:13:30
    Gay dudes trying to fool the stupid
    gotta love the sneaky gays!
  • BRADY969 Teesha 2008/05/07 08:37:04 (edited)
    Sure do....so, your profile seems a bit suspicious "Teesha" how many guys have you fooled?

    You're only fooling the dumb. A real challenge would be fooling someone who is brighter than your typical Friday night club guy who watches tons of porn and occasionally throws on the movie Boondock Saints to make himself feel like a real man.

    You're either a dude, a fat chick or an amature porn star with serious daddy issues.
  • Teesha BRADY969 2008/05/07 17:03:03
    I do make adult videos, but they ain't amateur. I was born a guy, but as you can tell by my pics, I paid for some cute boobies. I'd say I'm the hottest tranny mess on this site. Now, LETS HOOK UP!
  • BRADY969 Teesha 2008/05/07 20:55:58
    Hahahaha....good come back but I'm taken, thanks anyway sir.
  • SpecialKrazyK! 2008/05/06 00:47:12
    They really are underage girls and need their parents to pay attention to the...
    not a guy either...but does this not make all of you..stop..and go...what if...I mean sometimes I wonder about they guys too..and I am like..oh no...
  • BRADY969 Special... 2008/05/06 08:07:55
    You should do a poll. One that's the opposite of this one.
  • Special... BRADY969 2008/05/06 19:44:25
    hmmmm..this one was very very good brady....and very important!

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