Guys in Skinny Jeans: Hot or Fashion Disaster?

Puzzler ~Sodahead's 32nd Guru~ 2011/04/12 18:55:15
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Smoking Hot
They Are Ok
Fashion Disaster
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  • anthony.orenstein 2013/12/16 23:04:42
    Smoking Hot
    Super cool. I like the retro look. I'm in to that. Wear them myself.
  • Kat Thirt33n 2012/06/18 00:05:26
    They Are Ok
    Kat Thirt33n
    depends....some guys can wear them(Andy Biersack, Gerard Way) others can't(Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, One Direction)
  • Anna 2012/03/21 02:56:35 (edited)
    Smoking Hot
    Of course, that's if the guy has the body for it, same goes for girls. I quite enjoy looking at a shapely guy's butt, and skinny jeans do wonders for the rear. If a guy can't pull off skinny, or just doesn't feel comfortable in them (can't blame you there, I only wear them occasionally myself, and then they're a bit loose), straight legged jeans are also very enjoyable. Also, darker colors tend to be better. Not a lot of guys (or girls) can pull off white pants.
  • Erin Innocent 2011/12/10 17:54:29
    They Are Ok
    Erin Innocent
    it all depends on the dude....from what ive seen, most are smoking
    but ive seen a few....*.*
    my reaction: give me a blind fold
  • BVBarmy4life 2011/11/23 21:35:13
    Smoking Hot

    only thing i have to say
  • Erin In... BVBarmy... 2011/12/10 17:55:40
    Erin Innocent
    depends on the guy: on peeps like andy, they are smoking, and i LOVE it
    usually, they're hot, but sometimes.......>.>
  • DamonDay 2011/08/31 04:51:20 (edited)
  • nick DamonDay 2013/02/04 13:52:45
    That's ok :) ^ I like that
  • Josh 2011/07/17 20:42:57
    Smoking Hot
    I love Skinny Jeans. A few minutes ago I purchased a pair of Ex girfriend jeans by Levi! An I know I can pull them OFF, why? Because I am 27 years Old man, I am 5.9, 120 pounds, like fashion, urban rock star look and I am confident with my body! If fat people hide themself in baggy clothes, We skinny people should? own it and work if and please attitud is the keey!
  • RawrCookie 2011/07/17 04:59:28
    Smoking Hot
  • Su Ruggles 2011/04/16 05:57:39
    Fashion Disaster
    Su Ruggles
    Gross! Nasty! I hate over feminine guys!
  • JJHoopster121 2011/04/15 23:37:40
    Fashion Disaster
    I hate it....i get so turned off...idk why i just hate it.....i hate it if it takes a guy longer to get ready in the morning then me
  • vampiremage89 2011/04/15 23:20:25
    Fashion Disaster
    Nah, I prefer men that wear baggy or loose cleavage. :B You know, as long as the pants had something like elastic or a belt so that it didn't keep falling down.
  • CassandraSmith 2011/04/14 18:56:57
    Smoking Hot

    So hot when they sag them a little. NOT like a wannabe gangster...
  • Malak 2011/04/14 15:34:29
    They Are Ok
    its different from guy to guy. :)
  • Queen Anne's Revenge 2011/04/14 14:43:34
    Smoking Hot
    Queen Anne's Revenge
    Depends on the guy wearing them :)
  • Zebra_Eats_Marshmallow :) 2011/04/14 14:13:18
    Smoking Hot
    Zebra_Eats_Marshmallow :)
    Its Such a Turn On :E!!
  • Redskin 2011/04/14 03:00:09
    They Are Ok
  • TrinnyBaby 2011/04/13 23:41:45
    They Are Ok
    SOME guys suit skinnies...others...OMG please don't wear :P
  • Sharonk 2011/04/13 22:53:32
    Fashion Disaster
  • fallen 2011/04/13 22:39:01
    They Are Ok
    sometimes they looks good, but sometimes it's fail :)
  • BigHairyBallsThatSlapYoFace! 2011/04/13 22:25:41 (edited)
    Fashion Disaster
    totally stupid and yes... I typically think they are gay when I see em. btw, I'm not a gay basher
  • Mayday 2011/04/13 22:01:16 (edited)
    Smoking Hot
    tight levis model

    Anything butt...

    butt pants on the ground
  • DamonDay Mayday 2011/10/01 23:13:42
  • mello 2011/04/13 21:57:23
    Fashion Disaster
    It shrinks their testicles :D
    Haha I'm kidding; I don't even know if that's true.
  • Sharonk mello 2011/04/13 22:54:46
    Yes it can cause a low sperm count.
  • mello Sharonk 2011/04/14 01:22:35
    Thanks for clarifying :)
  • Sharonk mello 2011/04/14 13:17:40
    See, even when you are kidding, you sometimes learn something. Glad I could give you a little new information.
  • nightowl 2011/04/13 21:54:49
    They Are Ok
    Depends on the guy and how tight the jeans are. Either way, I'd take that fashion faux pas over these two fashion DON'TS.
    depends guy tight jeans fashion faux pas fashion donts
  • BigHair... nightowl 2011/04/13 22:26:53
    yah skinny gay dudes are better than this ghetto shit
  • Sharonk nightowl 2011/04/13 22:56:07
    I agree with that. This is so stupid but I love when I read about some kid with these pants running from the police and they get caught because their pants fell down.
  • AliCena34 2011/04/13 21:53:56
    They Are Ok
    some look good, and others dont!! :D & D:
  • Whatsername 2011/04/13 21:45:20
    They Are Ok
    depends on who it is
  • ♥♪ღ♫MusicGirl♫ღ♪♥ 2011/04/13 21:44:27 (edited)
    Smoking Hot
    kinda depends smoking hot julian casablancas skinny jeans

    kinda depends smoking hot andy sixx skinny jeans

    Enough said.
  • BigHair... ♥♪ღ♫Mus... 2011/04/13 22:27:30
    um... are they tucking? What happens to a guys balls when he tries to sit? OWWWWWWW!!!!!!
  • TrinnyBaby ♥♪ღ♫Mus... 2011/04/13 23:42:50
    MEAN! lol i like Red skinnies!!
  • BVBarmy... ♥♪ღ♫Mus... 2012/03/23 20:39:26
    LOVE THOSE SKINNIES ON BOTH LOL Andy Biersack in skinny jeans nuff said
  • Wendy 2011/04/13 21:39:03
    They Are Ok
    too tight= BLAHHH
  • MattC101 2011/04/13 21:25:09
    They Are Ok
    I wear them sometimes
  • les_gvt 2011/04/13 21:19:17
    Fashion Disaster
    there is nothing hotter than a guy in a pressed pair of boot cut wranglers or levi's.

    They are functional, tough, and show the proper assets while not making him appear metrosexual.

    These wanabe clothes designers all need to be rounded up and shot- just for making people have to look at the trash they put out
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