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  • Have u ever wundered_____________? ask stupid question and chat bout em. u can tlk bout any thing at this joint!

    join Public Fun 2 2009/02/15 00:14:00
  • its about wrestlers you like and talk about them

    join Public Fun 2 2009/02/19 18:50:06
  • u can talk about ur prblems and other things to

    join Public Fun 2 2009/02/21 17:50:00
  • People who agree and want to be a part of Tyler Perry's initiative to hire more Black Screen and Movie Writers

    join Public Fun 2 2009/02/22 19:30:07
  • 1

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/01 01:22:35
  • Ok as some may know my sister Selly ran away and this group is to try to do anything to find JB's personal # to b...

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/05 00:01:55
  • the title means 'GERMAN PEOPLE!' if u r in this group put DEUTSCHE LEUTE FÜR IMMER!!! to type Ü hold down a...

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/07 22:53:16
  • bdjfjbsjbjsdjhkhkdjskjd

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/17 18:46:38
  • talk about it and play on it as a group.

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/18 19:04:15
  • join if you are any of the following: -living with an alcoholic and is sick of it -were living with an alcoholic -...

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/20 20:20:25
  • Whoever likes to talk about random stuff, this is the club for you! Come and join!

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/23 00:05:53
  • A place for women 40 and over to discuss issues such as life , marriage ,relationships or what ever you need to get o...

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/26 04:16:08
  • This group is for people who want to talk anything under the sun, sea or beyond. So basically anything in the univers...

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/28 01:00:07
  • Your are only allowed in this group if you are in love with twilight..not anything else.

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/28 16:44:37
  • FUN TIME!!!!! YOU READY!!!!!

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/29 02:04:22
  • Share your favorite video!!!!

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/29 02:24:48
  • the perfect place to say somethin stupid and get yelled at by an angry mob lol!! Just about anything goes!!!

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/30 01:55:51
  • We aren't the movie stars. We aren't insane idiotic people. We are the average people and this group is made ...

    join Public Fun 2 2009/03/30 02:53:06

    join Public Fun 2 2009/04/01 17:27:37
  • we talk about why we want to keep the name soda head and maybe they'll keep this name instead of shwitter

    join Public Fun 2 2009/04/06 00:53:31

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