Groups don't count!? That makes no sense!

Rebel 2011/02/24 01:36:15
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I was just in one of the groups I am with which I had recently posted a thread in to which I also posted a couple of responses; I was noticing my level progress not increasing during this activity. A long time ago I figured out raves don't count either.

I don't get it, why is it raves and levels don't count for anything in groups, that's kind of unfair. Activity in groups is still you being part of the site isn't it?

That is why my stats are kind of low for a 2/3 year member, the majority of my activity in the entire time of my membership(minus about a year of absence once)has been in this particular group where nothing counts.

I think Sodahead should allow Raves and Level points for activity in groups.

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2016/02/13 19:25:29

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