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Dark Angel 2012/06/18 10:12:42
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For a friend i have hurt and who's hurt me in return....

I told you good bye,
Then I began to cry.
You didn't say a thing.
You just stared
Like you never cared.

I wished there was another way,
But i just couldn't stay.
In your anger you were cold.
You threw insults at me,
It hurt but you just didn't see.

I gave you up because i cared;
If i didn't, I wouldn't have dared.
I did it to protect you.
I didn't think you would cry,
But i do understand why.

You honestly loved me,
Don't think i couldn't see.
I wish i didn't have to.
I ask myself why
and I never cease to cry.

You came back to apologize,
And i began to realize
That you still cared.
I forgave you,
But i was still angry too.

I hoped it wouldn't happen twice,
But you promised to be nice.
You still love me,
But i can only be your friend
And i fear this might be the end.

I fear you may not play nice
And that scene may happen twice.
You may not be happy as friends.
I want you as happy as can be
But it's time you see.

I have fallen for another.
Even though youre memory may hover,
I am still in love with him
And can't figure out exactly why.
Just know, it's okay to cry.

I am here if you need me
And always will be.
I will be the best friend you have
And though i may not be with you
If you cry i'll cry too.

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