Funny McDonalds Pictures: Are You Lovin' It?

SenorBabyMan 2011/04/01 23:58:46
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SLIDESHOW: Do You Love McDonalds?

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HAHA! This is sad and funny all at the same time.
  1. HAHA! This is sad and funny all at the same time.

  2. A McDonalds right by a Chinese palace? Not bad.

  3. The McOriental? What does that even mean?

  4. This McDonalds baby sure is freaky!

  5. Ronald McDonald can be an abusive son of a gun.

  6. A pimped out McDonalds car? Why not?

  7. Mcdonalds kitty cat!

  8. Some people just really need their Big Mac at the crack of dawn...

Funny McDonalds Pictures: Are You Lovin' It?
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I love a good Bic Mac from time to time but I gotta admit: I also love to make fun of the trashiness of McDonalds.

Do you like McDonalds?
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  • GhettoHobo 2012/10/15 03:07:12
    No, McDonalds sucks!
    Did u no that the burger is 10% meet 83% filler 7% uknown and they boil there frys in milk oil and fat :(
  • Call-y 2011/08/11 19:39:05
    No, McDonalds sucks!
    McDonalds sucks it unhelthey they feed u stuff thats not fresh they say it fresh but its not! >:(
  • cybele 2011/06/23 09:44:10
    Yes, McDonalds is awesome.
    ilove so much mcdonald iit's so much fun and super duper deliciouses flsvor of icrem hotdog spagetti chiken and many more
  • lolo 2011/05/11 19:24:54
    I'm on the fence.
    I like their fries and filet o fish. Oh and a I love their mocha frapacino.
  • cybele lolo 2011/06/23 09:45:51
    those are not those are deliciouses flavor
  • raissa 2011/05/04 22:15:43
  • Susan<3Life 2011/05/02 22:42:19
    No, McDonalds sucks!
    Every once in a while its okay, but sometimes you have to remember whats in that stuff. remember mcdonalds gross
  • Bart 2011/04/24 21:30:09
    Yes, McDonalds is awesome.
    McDonalds is the best
  • Another Lone Wolf 2011/04/09 04:25:41
    I'm on the fence.
    Another Lone  Wolf
    i know "i'm cloggin it". im talking about my arterys
  • Acoja1 2011/04/04 05:47:17
    Yes, McDonalds is awesome.
    I m love it
  • Kat Elliott 2011/04/04 04:30:43
    No, McDonalds sucks!
    Kat Elliott
  • XENON23 2011/04/02 01:58:55
    I'm on the fence.
    I don't eat there so I don't know.
  • TAZ-manian Devil- 2011/04/02 00:36:14
    I'm on the fence.
    TAZ-manian Devil-
    I rarely eat mcdonalds. but I will have the occasional mcflurry or sundae n_n
  • drowzie 2011/04/02 00:31:20
    No, McDonalds sucks!
    im not lovin the pic
  • Maya 2011/04/02 00:19:10
    I'm on the fence.
    the health benefits for much of the food is bad, but they do have healthy things and you donĀ“t have to eat millions of burgers
  • Tudie BN 2011/04/02 00:12:55
    Yes, McDonalds is awesome.
    Tudie BN
    Sure its nice here !
  • DeathBolt 2011/04/02 00:03:01
    Yes, McDonalds is awesome.
  • Crime Time 2011/04/02 00:02:23
  • JP 2011/04/02 00:02:04
    I'm on the fence.
    ooohhh i like the chinese one
  • OhWowLovelyXx0 2011/04/02 00:00:07
    Yes, McDonalds is awesome.
    lmaooooooooooooo!! funny,

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