Funny Hitler Pictures: LOL or WTF?

Peter Griffin 2011/04/05 00:25:16
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SLIDESHOW: Funny Hitler Pictures

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Hitler was a big emo kid.
  1. Hitler was a big emo kid.

  2. Hitler Cat. Of course.

  3. Anime Hitler?!?! HAHA!

  4. And how can we forget Hitler Baby?

  5. Even an ACTUAL picture of Hitler is hilarious.

  6. Would you like some Hitler toast?

  7. What the hell kind of Hitler pic is this?!

  8. Uh oh...

Funny Hitler Pictures: LOL or WTF?
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Obviously, Hitler was a huge d-bag but that just means we have more reason to make fun of him right?

Look through these ridiculous Hitler pictures and have a laugh.
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