Frosty The Snowman

Mopvyzo USA 2012/11/27 20:48:13

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  • Mike 2012/11/28 18:16:35
    love that cartoon
  • pcasper59 2012/11/28 15:30:15
    I remember this Frosty cartoon growing up.
  • RICK 2012/11/28 14:26:22
    love it.Reminds me of my childhood
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/11/28 07:09:26
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/11/28 05:32:58
    I think that in every one of us their is a little kid in there somewhere and we never really grow up, life just gets a lot more complicated and we have to deal with a lot more crap but some where there is that kid we once new.
  • k.a.walker 2012/11/28 01:28:34
    I love this show, I look forward to it every year. I am just a big kid at heart. lol
  • musicman95 2012/11/28 01:13:38
    As my three year old sis would say "frosty the snowman melted" lmai (sniffle) I'm so proud!
  • afterburn610 2012/11/28 00:39:16
    thanks for the post
  • I NEED A HORSE 2012/11/27 22:40:39
  • Caedus01 Sith Lord of the P... 2012/11/27 21:46:04 (edited)
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    Frosty? Hmm..... Let me see.... The wind blows off a hat that BELONGED to a magician.

    The hat lands on a snowman and the snowman magically comes to life. The magician wants his MAIN SOURCE of income back but the Snow man and a bunch of rude unruly kids refuses to give it to him. So tell me HOW IS THE MAGICIAN A BAD GUY? It was HIS DAMN HAT!!!!!! If they wanted the snow man to live so bad why not chip in or ask their parents to buy them their own hat? Given how Spoiled they were it would be a stretch to believe their parents would say NO. Frosty the Snowman delivers a bad message...... EVEN IF IT IS NOT YOURS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO HAVE YOUR WAY AS LONG AS IT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!!

    ( lol)
  • Jlmpatro 2012/11/27 21:22:26
    Only if they do, where there is a lot of snow, but funny!
  • Th8nos 2012/11/27 21:00:24
    it's a good cartoon (and short) of course the whole thing
  • JonathonTepesSharkey 2012/11/27 20:59:51
    Frosty is cool!
  • Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm... 2012/11/27 20:59:37
    Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm♥☮♥∞
    Love it!
  • Luckydog38 2012/11/27 20:56:13
    Really? The whole thing?
  • Senõr Jaun 2012/11/27 20:50:13
    Senõr Jaun

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