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Christmas; In Chrome 2012/09/23 23:44:16
I'm looking for info on a company or possibly several companies, not sure, but one of them is definitely Kentoys. The design was very similar to theirs. Specifically I'm trying to find a set of several "European" looking trucks that were slightly larger in size than Hotwheels or Matchbox. Things like Mercedes and Volvos and stuff. The trailers were plastic, the trucks themselves were a mix of metal and plastic And were highly detailed and painted very well with two or three tone paint. Cargo covers were removable, flatbed ramps were multi jointed and moveable, Came with road signs and baricade fences. the trailers would carry vehicles or small cargo boxes. As I said, unsure of the company as there are several similar makers, and some have changed hands over the years. I found the set around 2005 or so. They looked something like this: kentoys truck kentoys truck kentoys truck kentoys trucks kentoys trucks kentoys trucks
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