Fonts: An Art Form Or A Necessity?

SLIDESHOW: Fonts: An Art Form Or A Necessity?

Killed Dj
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Killed Dj

A really cool font for a rave or a night club.
  1. Killed Dj

    Killed Dj

    A really cool font for a rave or a night club.

  2. Grunge Serifia Font OTF

    Grunge Serifia Font OTF

    I love the scratches in this one. A great font for a metal band.

  3. Pulse Sans Virgin

    Pulse Sans Virgin

    This is a really out-of-control font. I really dig the seismograph vibration through all the letters.

  4. The King & Queen Font

    The King & Queen Font

    What's cool about this font is the little imperfections, like the ink marks splattered around the letters. It's designed to look like you actually wrote these with a pen and ink.

  5. Abusive Pencil

    Abusive Pencil

    This one is just crazy! It's like how I used to write when I was angry and in high school.

  6. Helvetica


    This is one of the most wildly used fonts in the world. You can find it everywhere from street signs to the American Apparel logo.

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Fonts, or typefaces, have been around for centuries. Typographers are like artists for fonts, designing interesting and practical fonts for businesses. But do you think fonts are really a form of art, or are they just a necessity?
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  • WilmerJosePalaciosLopez 2010/12/14 22:10:41
    eso es lo mas difĂ­cil de dibujar...
  • besarta 2010/10/29 13:25:13
    i like best the king&queen; front,very exquisite,my style of writimg it 's sth like that and i like it...
  • Moony 2010/06/10 03:53:12
    I believe it's an art form in the purest sense!
  • mokward 2010/06/09 10:57:36
    love to drink 'em down and imagine uses; sure they're a necessity (for those of us who still read) but they also are art, baby, art!
  • Custombabyshoegirl 2010/06/09 09:58:19
    Fonts are another tool for branding your company or organization.
  • Ridingmower 2010/06/09 06:49:26
    I think they're wonderful. Ever since I saw an illustrated something or other with the first letter fancied up in a square, i was intrigued. Now there are a jillion fonts. I like to change my fonts to add to the things i send emails or write about. For instance Comic sans is for jokes, and Ariel is for serious things. I seldome use New York Times.. those serifs drive me crazy.
  • wingman 2010/06/08 23:00:02
    Art form and some times conveyes the message better.
  • davidmc 2010/06/08 22:43:34
    Without a doubt, this is art.
  • perhapswithme 2010/06/08 22:29:50
    most definitely a form of art!
  • 12 Tone Melody 2010/06/08 20:39:02
    12 Tone Melody
    I like the King & Queen Font
  • Tokio Hotel 101 2010/06/01 01:40:33
    Tokio Hotel 101
    they are a form of art
  • hanahime 2010/05/13 02:41:23
    I think they are a form of art. Not only are fonts meticulously designed and crafted things in of themselves, they also complement and enhance digital art.
  • blackcat 13 2010/05/07 15:22:27
    blackcat 13
    all good
  • andysixxlover 2010/05/07 01:55:31
  • Katmed 2010/05/07 00:00:49
    For those of us who are young enough to forget what it was like to read a book;
    and old enough to still be reading(ahem)....them...]
    Yes Fonts are a necesity and were used to convey feelings..as well as art~
  • Mae Marie Crisamore 2010/05/06 23:49:23
    Mae Marie Crisamore
    i think the pulse one is cool
  • Bearman 2010/05/06 22:16:07
    like the abusive pencil

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