Feeling down? Need a pick-me-up?

Well, I hope I can help. I know whenever I'm feeling down, it always helps me to know that there's someone out there who loves me. So, this is for you. I want you to know that I love you, even if I don't know you. This especially goes out to my SodaHeads. I love you guys. :)

hope feeling helps loves love sodaheads love guys

If the sign looks awkward, it's because I had to write it backwards. lol Webcam... >.>

Oh! And I have good news! I have a hater! Yay! :D
This also goes out to you, hater. Yes, I love even you, because someone obviously hasn't loved you enough.

If you know someone who needs a little love, share this. Everyone could use a little love from a stranger from time to time. :P
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  • Vic~*PHAET*~ 2010/07/12 04:07:44
    That's a cute blog ^.^ I'm sharing this.

    Oh, and who is this hater of which you speak? I wants to know...

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Emily Skellington [[Bones]]

Emily Skellington [[Bones]]


2009/03/01 02:01:29

is amused by your hate. :D

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