Fav Charlie Brown character?

** BAMA CHICK ** 2010/11/16 02:39:34
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  • blue sharpie 2010/12/06 22:04:51
    blue sharpie
    lucy!!! haha lucy haha lucy from charlie brown
  • Meggie. 2010/11/22 20:13:40
    This is a hard one! I'm not sure, I pick all of them!
  • PinkSugarZombie (Tori) 2010/11/19 23:33:09
  • SABLE 2010/11/18 13:33:22
  • Zozo 2010/11/18 02:55:17
  • strawberry 2010/11/17 23:59:08
    Lucy was my favorite. animated Lucy from charlie Brownlucy animated Lucy from charlie Brownlucy animated Lucy from charlie Brownlucy  Lucy from Peanutslucy  Lucy from Peanutslucy https://www.sewforless.com/pr...
  • GreenDay+MCR=<3 2010/11/17 18:57:01
    snoopy snoopysnoopy
  • Big C 2010/11/17 13:30:49
    Big C
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2010/11/17 06:46:09
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    My most favorite would be Linus. Then next in line would be Snoopy. Then Pigpen. Then Charlie Brown (he's hard to like as a character but easy to relate to). Then Woodstock. Then Franklin. Only character I don't really like is Lucy.
  • Flea 2010/11/17 03:39:19
    Franklin, the only black one.... franklin black
  • Queen B 2010/11/17 01:36:27
    Queen B
    I love them all! In fact Peanuts has been my favorite comic strip since I was 7. If I had to pick one character as my favorite though, it would have to be Snoopy.
    snoopylove peanuts comic strip 7 character snoopy
  • Alex Oger 2010/11/17 00:31:59
    Alex Oger
  • love_sucks_13 2010/11/17 00:22:55
    i like them XD
  • jitko 2010/11/16 22:05:56
  • cj 2010/11/16 21:57:07
    linus and sally of course!
    linus and sallylinus sally
  • Cookielane 2010/11/16 20:44:03

    Definitely, Linus.

  • I-Dont-Even-Know! 2010/11/16 20:13:57 (edited)
    the bird and Snoopy x)
  • Cookielane I-Dont-... 2010/11/16 20:45:02
    the bird is Woodstock.
  • I-Dont-... Cookielane 2010/11/16 20:46:35
    ohh okk thank youu lol=]
  • Cookielane I-Dont-... 2010/11/16 20:49:09
    yeah, I was a Peanuts addict growing up!
  • I-Dont-... Cookielane 2010/11/16 20:50:32
    lol! i always watched them wen i was 11 and younger. not anymore though lol im into different shows now=P
  • Cookielane I-Dont-... 2010/11/16 20:52:36
    Oh, I'm 51 and I can still watch them all day! But the Christmas monologue I posted up there is my all time favorite.
  • I-Dont-... Cookielane 2010/11/16 21:26:18
    lol im 15 and dont watch them anymore! only when one of my friends tell me to cuz its a funny one=]
  • Mallah's Brain 2010/11/16 19:49:06
    Mallah's Brain
    the dirty one
  • Cookielane Mallah'... 2010/11/16 20:45:20
  • Limeh 2010/11/16 19:42:27
    The little yellow bird thing!!
    woodstock birdyellow bird
  • strawberry Limeh 2010/11/18 00:01:58
    He was cute.
  • kitkat42 2010/11/16 18:28:21
  • Melizmatic 2010/11/16 17:36:51
    I'm going to say 'Marcie and Woodstock', because nobody else has.

    The lil' guys need love too.

    Marcy peanutsmarcie woodstock lil guys love

    Woodstock peanutsmarcie woodstock lil guys love

    I'd say 'Charlie Brown ', but I guess that its true; no one really likes him...

  • herb 2010/11/16 17:25:13
    I've always been a fan of Pigpen. Apparently I'm not the only one.
    pigpen peanutsive fan pigpen
  • Melizmatic herb 2010/11/16 17:38:39
    He's more popular than Charlie Brown; despite being utterly filthy.

    Go figure.
  • herb Melizmatic 2010/11/16 17:43:58
    Charlie Brown has worried himself into neuroses trying to make his friends like him. Pigpen doesn't give a rat's ass about what people may think about him, yet has no problem having and maintaining friends. He is who he is, and he has no apologies.
  • Melizmatic herb 2010/11/16 18:01:50
    Fair enough, but IRL that wouldn't be quite the case.

    Most people generally don't care for those who stink, and with a perpetual cloud of dust surrounding him, I can't imagine that he smells too good...
  • herb Melizmatic 2010/11/16 18:13:08
    He bathes frequently. Just gets dirty soon thereafter.
    pigpenbathes frequently dirty
  • strawberry herb 2010/11/18 00:05:36
    When watching Peanuts, his friends teased Charlie Brown, but that made it funny, but you knew they would stay friends and stick up for each other.
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2010/11/16 17:23:35 (edited)
    snoopy awesome
    Snoopy, he has a great imagination and is also a really great friend when he's needed. linus peanutshttpplaystationeu lithiu snoopy imagination friend
    And Linus, he's a very intellectual child. At the same time though, he has the childish attributes like carrying around his blue blanket and believing in The Great Pumpkin.

    I have to say this though. I find it interesting how so far (this far at least) no one has said that Charlie Brown's their favorite character.
  • leahboo! 2010/11/16 16:12:50
    Snoopy:) Snoopysnoopy
  • kevracer 2010/11/16 16:11:05
  • Swany 2010/11/16 14:22:20
    Bat girl.
  • nah 2010/11/16 13:44:56
    schroeder charlie brownschroeder

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