Ever seen Mountain Monsters? This show is so fake it makes me laugh.

Mel 2013/07/25 05:59:58
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  • Scott 2015/04/16 19:33:58
    Yes the show is a joke.
    Let me see if I get the next episode right. They claim they need to get the monster....and right now! The guy who can't let go of the fact that he has been out of the Marines for 40 years will claim they always get the job done...yet they have yet to catch a monster. They will then funnel the monster into the trap (after hearing some god-awful howling).....but ultimately the trap doesn't work.
  • annemarie.r.foster 2014/10/20 03:12:06
    Yes the show is a joke.
    It's just fun - my husband and I watch for the comic relief (although we've had some . . . unusual . . . experiences in the wilds). We've been substituting with Alaska Monsters, and the guys are good, but Wild Bill kind of grows on you and we've been missing him.
  • liz 2014/07/12 03:11:08
    Yes the show is a joke.
    If you're looking for a monster, why would you run around the woods screaming and hollering? They do this every week. Why not just shoot the hog while it was in the trap? Plus the hog they caught was not the one in the picture. Finally, why would you bring a extremely huge guy and old men to hunt these monsters that they say are dangerous?
  • Woof 2013/07/25 15:53:16
    None of the above
    Those shaggy men look like Sasquatch to me!
  • Gypsy 2013/07/25 12:47:48
    Yes the show is a joke.
    Yep, I never have seen them catch anything yet.

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