(English subtitle) the great remix (arab-indian) cheb khaled & Amar ?

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SLIDESHOW: Khaled & Amar - El Harba Wine (English s

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(English subtitle) the great remix (arab-indian) cheb khaled & Amar ?
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The music video has a Bollywood movie theme to it. Amar plays the part of a girl who comes from a wealthy family, whose parents disapprove of her lover who comes from a poor family. Khaled plays the part of the older brother who tries to help Amar in this conflict.

Several Indian group dances are performed in the music video.

The music video ends with Amar leaving her parent's residence with her lover on his motorcycle


el harba wine

el herba = the escape

wine = where

when khaled sing it as solo in 1995 ..he translate it @ french language (on the album cover) as
( la fuit mais ou ) = ( the escape but where )
but i notice that it dosnt give the same meaning to what he sing so on my openion i think that the nearest meaning in english is ( where to escape )
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