Does Technology Simplify or Complicate Your Life?

Bored Stiff 2009/09/02 00:30:35
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  • squid 2009/09/03 09:44:58
    Some things are simpler, and I can get more done than before computers, but people know I can get more done so they give me more to do (sigh).
  • TexCyn ( the ticked off Texan) 2009/09/02 02:45:42
    TexCyn ( the ticked off Texan)
    It's a mixed bag for me.
  • Bored S... TexCyn ... 2009/09/03 13:15:56 (edited)
    Bored Stiff
    I hear you! It's a mixed bag for me, too. Kind of a love/hate relationship. I need it for my line of work, but the snags, at times, either connectivity issues or network issues, makes me wonder if technology complicates things more than simplifies.

    LOL...couldn't function without it, but there are days, I think I'm going to rip my hair out!

    Haven't used a standard landline in years. We use VOIP and the magicjack gadget. They work *most of the time, but when they don't, I think "what does a person have to do to make a phone call without dropped connections and rebooting".

    For as innovative and useful as most things are, I would love one entire week without needing a phone or internet connection for anything. For some reason, I think that would feel like a spiritual cleansing...lol!
  • TexCyn ... Bored S... 2009/09/03 19:21:25
    TexCyn ( the ticked off Texan)
    I agree totally with all you said. Especially the last paragraph. We have a place in the Texas hill country( just a little barn apartment) which has no TV, no phones , except our cellphones when we turn them on, and NO internet service. We go there frequently and sometimes 4 or 5 days at a time. I dont miss any of the above mentioned one bit. We simply sit out and watch the stars during the evening and the wildlife during the day. That is the nearest thing to heaven for me.
  • Linkums 2009/09/02 00:51:49
    I love technology. <3
  • Crystal Chan Deliers 2009/09/02 00:33:57
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    simplifies it for me... can do many things on line and stay in the comfort of jammies....

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